Friday, May 15, 2009

1894 Birth of Patrick Joseph Quinane

Thanks to my relative Terry Quinane, this is the birth certificate of my great-grandfather Patrick Joseph QUINANE. He was born on Westgarth Dr, Fairfield. The birth certificate helps place Patrick and his family - both his parents were born in Victoria. Patrick served in Gallipoli with the 7th Light Horse AIF in World War 1, where he lost an eye. Following his return he married Irene E Terese PRIESTLY (1899-1987), the only great-grandparent of mine that I knew.

1894 P J Quinane birth

Victorian Birth Certificate

Births in the District of Fairfield in the Coloney of Victoria

No. 232
When and where born: 6th January 1894 Westgarth Dr, Fairfield
Name and whether or not present: Patrick Joseph, Not present
Sex: Male
Agnes 4 years
Kathleen 2 years
Julia 1 year
Mother: Julia Ann Quinane M.N. Hurley
Age: 30 years
Birth-place: Malmsbury

P J Quinane, Father, Westgarth Dr, Fairfield
Witnesses: illegible
When registered: 18th February 1894 Fairfield

Father: Patrick Joseph Quinane, Railway Employee
Age: 39 years
Birth place: Ballarat
When and where married: 4th Septemeber 1887, Yarrawonga
Issue living and deceased:
Mary 5 years

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