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James Rodgers (Ballintoy IRE 1830 - Orange NSW 1913)

I haven't posted much about my RODGERS line (from my maternal side), who came to Australia from Ballintoy, Antrim, Ireland (now Northern Ireland):

Of the children of William and Sarah (nee MCGEE) RODGERS, their eldest was James. James represents an interesting distraction for me in an otherwise straight-forward family.

James RODGERS, was born abt 1830. Looking into his life, nothing could be ascertained except for two adverts that appear in the Sydney Morning Herald in the early 1870's, the second confirming the relationship:

The Sydney Morning Herald
Saturday 4 March 1871
I, Emma Rodgers, hereby give notice that it is my intention to get married at the expiration of 3 (three) months from date, unless notice is given me of the existence of my husband, JAMES RODGERS, whom I have not heard from for the last eight years.
Happy Valley, Nundle, 1st February 1871

The Sydney Morning Herald
Friday 17 May 1872
JAMES RODGERS, Mudgee or Tambaroora, please write R. ROGERS or H. PRIESTLY, 53 Sussex-st.

These together suggest that James Rodgers followed the gold rushes when they occurred in the 1850's and settled in the Mudgee/Tambaroora area like so many men, The latter notice above definitely relate to James RODGERS - he had a younger brother named Robert, and his sister Margaret married Henry PRIESTLY.

I want to understand what happened to James. Did Emma re-marry after desertion? A marriage has been found for a James Rogers in Mudgee that corresponds with the above information (2207/1858, ROGERS, JAMES to BIBB, EMMA at MUDGEE), and I've ordered the marriage certificate. Emma BIBB was born in Bedlam Point (Gladesville), Sydney, to parents James (a blacksmith) and Mary Ann BIBB in 1844. James and Emma RODGERS seem to definitely have had one daughter, Elizabeth A, registered in MUDGEE in 1860 (NSW BDM  9205/1860).

But I first wanted to see whether James' death certificate mentions Emma and any issue. 1913 is forty years after the newspaper notices, and there's not much to go on in newspaper records to account for James' life between 1872 and 1913. As can be seen in the transcript, James' marriage and issue are not referred to, and it does not appear that there is a later re-marriage (certainly one is not mentioned). This is definitely 'our' James RODGERS, as his mother's maiden name is correct. His stated birthplace is not Ballintoy, but another village in Antrim, and this may well be correct as I have no access to parish registers.

James had been unwell, as evidenced by an article in Orange:

Leader (Orange), 27 Nov 1912
PERSONAL. We are pleased to see our old friend, Mr. James Rodgers, has returned after being away for the last 17 or 18 weeks in the Orange hospital as the result of a fall which he had about 19 weeks ago.

NSW Death Certificate
Name: James Rodgers
Date of Death: 4 Jan 1913
Place: Orange District Hospital, Orange Municipality
Occupation: Labourer
Sex: Male
Age: 79
Place of birth: Colaraine (sic), County Antrim, Ireland
Time in Australian Colonies: 60 years in New South Wales
Father's Name: William Rodgers
Occupation: Farmer
Mother's Name: Sarah McGee
Informant: K J Dooley, Matron, Orange District Hospital
Cause of Death: 1. Enlarged prostate, 2. Cystitis
Length of Illness: 1. 12 years, 2. 6 weeks
Medical Attendant: J H Wilson
Date Last Seen: 3 Jan 1913
Date of Burial: 5 Jan 1913
Place of Burial: Church of England Cemetery, Orange
Minister and Religion: Walter E Coates, Church of England
Undertaker: F Ford
Witnesses: E Ford, Charles Clark
Registered: 4 Jan 1913

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Finding Mrs STROUD

Harriett CASTLE nee LEWIS stands as my only direct ancestor in Australia whose death I have been unable to find - one of my nagging challenges. I have literally tried everything including browsing BDM indexes and newspapers. It is possible her death was not registered (unlikely as every other family even was), or that the NSW BDM didn't index her death certificate, or didn't index it correctly. 

The only clues I have to the window in which she died was that her final children were twins who were born and died in 1872 (the last recorded reference I have found to Harriett), and that Isaac CASTLEs obituary in 1911 that stated Harriett had predeceased him 'by a lengthy period'.

Then in 2013 I came across an advertisement in Sydney, and a short article in a newspaper published in Orange NSW regarding a family member trying to trace Harriet:

Daily Telegraph
31 Mar 1914
CASTLE (Harriett), last head of in Bathurst, New South Wales, is sought by Aunt, Mrs. T. Stroud, 16 Robert Street, North Woolwich, Kent, England.

and then:

The Leader (Orange, NSW)
6 April 1914
Recently in the Sydney "Evening News" (which paper publishes a list of missing friends) appears the following amongst the list:- "Castle, (Harriett) last heard of at Bathurst, Australia. Inquirer, aunt, Mrs. T. Stround, 16 Robert-street, North Woolwich." The lady inquired for turned out to be the mother of Mr. Jacob Castle, of Carcoar. She died about 25 years ago at Cowra, and Mr. Castle has now forwarded the information to England. "Jake" had no knowledge of his grand aunts existence.

This latter article sets a date for death of about 1890, but even this information hasn't yielded any likely deaths in the NSW BDM. Clearly the advert was published in multiple newspapers, but I am not clear on how this would have been arranged from England.

Who was Mrs. T. Stroud? The article clearly states that the enquirer was in England, where Harriett was born. Could Harriett Lewis, born in 1836, have an aunt still alive in 1914? It seems unlikely. 

Can we work out who Mrs. T .STROUD was, and what her relationship to Harriett was (if any)?

Identifying the connection to the aunt could have been tricky. Harriett's father John LEWIS (1799 East Hendred, Berks - 1866 Geelong, Vic) had eleven siblings all born in East or West Hendred, Berkshire. It is possible that Harriett never knew that after emigrating to NSW, her own father John emigrated to Victoria with his second wife and nine of his children, and died in poverty in Geelong, but the advertisement suggests Harriett had maintained family ties in England. Harriett's mother Dinah TABOR (1794 East Hendred, Berks - 1839 East Hendred, Berks) had five siblings, so there are plenty of candidates for an aunt! 

So, the advertisement was placed in 1914. The 1911 England census shows a married Thirza STROUD living with her family at 16 Robert-street, North Woolwich, as advertised. 

Now THIRZA was Harriett's mother's name! So there's something in this. Furthermore, Thirza STROUD states she is 56 (so born about 1855), married around 33 years, and was born in East Hendred, Berkshire! So clearly Thirza is younger than Harriett CASTLE nee LEWIS, but all the other pieces look strong.

1877 Marriage Solemnized in the Parish of Woolwich
19 May 1877
Alfred Henry Stroud, Bachelor, Labourer, of North Woolwich, father Daniel Stroud a labourer
Thirza Fisher, Spinster, of North Woolwich, father Charles Fisher a labourer

Tracing back through censuses shows that Thirza ('Thirsa') FISHER married Alfred Henry STROUD in Woolwich in 1877, and sure enough, the birth of a Thirza FISHER was registered in Wantage, Berkshire (the area covering East Hendred) in 1855. The 1861 census of East Hendred shows Thirza as one of MANY children to Charles Fisher (39, born Wantage) and Jane (40, born East Hendred). There was no obvious tie-back to the LEWIS family, but both Charles and Jane were born around 1821 - a little before Harriett LEWIS herself.

But looking one step further, the answer appears:

Registration Year: 1840 (Volume: 6, Page: 347)
Registration Quarter: Jan-Feb-Mar

Registration district: Wantage
Charles Fisher to Jane Tabourn

Now we have Thirza FISHER's mother as Jane nee TABOR, born about 1820 in East Hendred - of course, Harriett's mother was Dinah TABOR. 

In fact, prior to marrying John LEWIS on New Year's Eve of 1821, Dinah gave birth to Jane out of wedlock. Jane was baptized at East Hendred in March 1821, 'daughter of Dinah singlewoman'. As such, Jane was older step-sister to TWENTY younger half-siblings!!!!

So Jane's daughter Thirza, "Mrs. T. STROUD", was Harriett's niece, not aunt. It is possible that the letter/request forwarded to New South Wales newspapers may have confused that the fact that Thirza STROUD was looking for her aunt! It's nice to solve a distant family connection like this, and add some details to my family tree in the process.

The simple advert was one of thousands every year, as the tyranny of distance broke family connections. I wish there was even a single letter somewhere in my family as testament to the continued connection with 'home' (be it England or Ireland) that must have continued well into the 20th century. Thinking of all the letters that sailed back and forth to Australia, the lost connections that were never re-connected, and the wondering of family members that never learnt of family events on the other side of the world.

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The MCCARTNEY family, found

Well this is a pretty neat piece of work that Judy Jones has accomplished. Over the years, I've posted on Stephen LEWIS (1826-1907), sibling of my ancestor. Judy is a descendant:

Basically, Stephen LEWIS (1826-1907) was born in East Hendred, Berks, England to John LEWIS and Dinah  nee TABOR in 1826, but when he arrived in Australia he still named the parents as above, but claimed he was AMERICAN. Stephen married Mary MCCARTNEY (abt 1834 - mid 1860s) on 15 May 1856 in Buninyong, Victoria, Australia. 

My previous post on this topic outlined the discovery on Jane's sister and parents:

Her parents were David MCCARTNEY and Jane nee DORMAN, and the MCCARTNEY family (parents and four children) arrived in Sydney in 1850 and clearly  made their way to goldrush Victoria - daughters Mary married in 1856, and Ann (Annie) in 1859, both in Victoria. Ann died in 1882, and Mary presumably in the early 1860s.

But it was no known what became of Dave and Jane MCCARTNEY, and their remaining children Jane (born about 1844) and David (born about 1847).  Judy, a descendant of Stephen and Mary, has now let me know that she has discovered what happened to them, and I'm quoting Judy in some of the following:

An index of outward bound passengers from Victoria reveals that the family of four departed in May 1862, on the ship 'Seaman's Pride', bound for British Columbia:


The ship is listed as heading for 'British Columbia' and did spend some time there (daughter Jane had a son - David James Wall - born 1863 British Columbia), so it would seem the family may have resided there for a short time. 

But the family ended up in California, in the town of Antioch, Contra Costa County, California (near of the San Francisco area).  Jane Jr married a Robert J Wall about 1862 and had numerous children. David Jr didn't marry until very late in life and has no descendants. 

The father, David McCartney died on 15 May 1867, and was buried at what is now called Oak View Memorial Park, Antioch, Contra Costa County, CA.

Oak View Memorial Park
Antioch, Contra Costa County, California, USA
David Macartney
Died 15 May 1867
Aged 57 Years
Jane Macartney
Died Jan 26 1894
Aged 84 Years

Judy also tracked down the probate record for David Macartney, which confirms the family connection back to Victoria:

Filed 12th September 1867
In the Probate Court of the County of Contra Costa State of California

In the matter of the Estate of David McCartney deceased
To the Honourbale Mark Sheperd Judge of the Probate Court of the Said County of Contra Costa in the State of California
The Petition of Jane McCartney Contra Costa County in the State of California respectfully shows that David McCartney died on or about the 15th May 1867 at Contra Costa County at his residence in Antioch

That said deceased at the time of his death was a resident of the Said County of Contra Costa in Said State and left Estate in Said County consisting of Real and Personal property.

That the probable value and character of the said property is as follows to wit:

Two lots No 6 & 7 in Block No. 2 in the Town of Antioch in Contra Costa County with the dwelling house of ------   -------  ------- household furniture worth 20 dollars tow cows and 60 calves.

The said deceased left a will bearing date 16th April 1867 in the possession of this petitioner which your petitioner believe, and therefor allege, to be the last will and testament of said deceased and which is hereby presented to this honourable Probate Court.

That no person is named in said will as executor and your petitioner aged about fifty four years 
residing at Antioch in Contra Costa County is the widow of deceased and is named therein as devisee: That the subscribing witnesses to said will are Patrick Corcoran residing in said County of Contra Costa and Patrick Mulhare residing in said County of Contra Costa

That the next of kin of said testator whom your petitioner is advised and believe, and therefor allege to be the heir at law of said testator and the name, age and residence of said heir:

David McCartney, aged about twenty one years, residing at Antioch Contra Costa County, Jane Wall married to Robert James Wall,  23 years of age, Mary Lewis married to Stephen Lewis, age 28 years, residing in Australia, Anna Eliza McGrath married to Nathaniel McGrath, resident of Australia, aged 26 years and your petitioner, widow of David.

That at the time the will was executed to wit: on the 16th April 1867 the said testator was over the age of eighteen years, to wit: of the age of fifty seven years or thereabouts and was of sound mind, and in every respect competent, by last will to dispose of all his Estate.

Census records for 1870 and 1880 show that the family stayed in Antioch, running a store (just as they'd done in Victoria). 

Amazingly, Judy also traced a photo of the store run by David Macartnay (the sign can be partially made out at left of storefront) from the Contra Costa County Historical Society:

David McCartney Store on 2nd St.ANTIOCHc1870

David McCartney's wife Jane lived until 1894 and died in Contra Costa County.

As so, the MACARTNEY/MCCARTNEY FAMILY is traced, from Ireland to New South Wales then Victoria, on to Canada and finally California. While the mystery of when and where Mary Lewis died remains, this information here completes the family of Mary LEWIS nee MCCARTNEY.

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Photos from my family - STANILAND / EWER / HALL

I was in Australia recently, and had a chance to look through family photos.

One set of photos I had a chance to scan were from my paternal grandparents and great-grandparents:

My father Andrew HALL (b 1954), his older sister Elizabeth (b. 1952) ; their parents John HALL (1920-1996) and Jean nee STANILAND (1917-2003) ; and Jean's parents William James STANILAND (1886 Glebe NSW - 1962 Gosford NSW) and Ruby Amelia 'Millie' nee EWER (1887 Wellington NSW - 1969 Ashfield NSW).

Jean was born at 12 Burns St Croydon NSW ('on the kitchen table') in 1917 and lived there almost her entire life till approximately 2000. When Jean had married and her parents retired, she purchased the house, and William (who was a plumber for NSW Railways) and Millie retired to a house in Woy Woy on the central NSW coast looking at the water - it was relatively isolated at the time. In Woy Woy, William went out on his boat every morning and was a devoted fisherman. The family also went on vacations to Forster further up the NSW coast.

The above facts are the context for the photos below, and a reference point for the names used.

 Jean STANILAND, abt 1942 (aged 25). Nana worked at the General Post Office in Sydney (on Martin Place) as secretary to the Postmaster General prior to and during World War 2. Shortly after the war ended, my grandfather John HALL joined the PMG (now Australia Post) and they met there.

Jean STANILAND, 1945.

 Jean STANILAND, "at the Hydro Majestic Medlow Bath in the Blue Mountains".

  Jean HALL (nee STANILAND), "PORT MACQUARIE - 1951. Jean outside pub with Jew Fish caught off the breakwater."

Jack (John HALL) and his "V8 Model 'T' Ford" - abut 1945/46. Registration RB192. I believe the 'Model T' name may be inaccurate, and the car was simply a 'Model V8'. Any advice appreciated.

Jean and John HALL. They married in 1951 at St Therese, Ryde, and as Jean was Methodist (and John was Catholic), the marriage was not in the main church, and no family from either side attended the mass.

 Jean and John HALL.

 Jean and John HALL. While it can't be discerned on the scale shown, this photo is colorized. Impressively, the tip of the cigarette is colorized to glow red.

William Staniland and daughter Jean Hall at Woy Woy 1951.

William Staniland in his boat at Woy Woy 1951. At extreme left, Milliei is at wharf with rope.

Mille and William STANILAND with their grandchildren Andrew and Elizabeth HALL, taken about 1956.

Millie STANILAND and her daughter Jean HAL. This photo was taken at the marriage of Millie's niece Lorna BONES (b. 1931) to Mervyn Wolfe HUGHES at Ashfield NSW in 1950.

William and Ruby Ewer with son-in-law John Hall and grandchildren Andrew and Elizabeth and family friend Miriam BUCHANAN, taken about 1956. Miriam Moyse DENIS on Bay St Croydon NSW (around the corner from my father's home on Burns St). Dad believes that Miriam worked with Jean at the GPO during WW2. Miriam married later in life, to Charles Hardinge BUCHANAN in 1965. They lived in Bayview, and as a young boy I remember visiting her a few times - the dining room sideboard was covered in silverware, including various candlesticks and a coiled candle that captured my imagination.

 William and Ruby Ewer with John Hall and grandchildren Andrew and Elizabeth at the family home in Croydon, about 1959

William and Millie Ewer with John Hall and grandchildren Andrew and Elizabeth at Woy Woy.

 William and Ruby Staniland with daughter Jean Hall.

William Liz Jack and Andrew at Forster 1962. With plenty of fish.

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The children of William and Eliza HALL - Yass, NSW - Version 7

This is the seventh version of this post, updated with new information. I have headstone photos of 11 of 15 siblings, and confirmation that at least 2 others don't have a headstone. I have now added photos of the HALL children I've been able to source for the first time.

Occasionally I find my posts act as fishing expeditions to find common descendants. Google brings those looking for an ancestor to my blog, and thankfully in contact with me. If posts are fishing exercises, then this post is a big hook. It lists the fundamental facts about the issue of William HALL and Eliza BLISS of Yass, NSW. William came to Australia from England with his parents Samuel HALL and Mary Anne nee WELLS - as outlined elsewhere (http://thehistoryofmatt.blogspot.com/2009/04/samuel-hall-headstone-yass-nsw.html).

William and Eliza had 15 children together from 1868-1896, all registered in Yass, NSW. William's death certificate in 1912 (informed by one of his children) lists only 13 children (11 living, 2 dead) but there were another 2 living children that were missed (http://thehistoryofmatt.blogspot.com/2010/03/death-certificate-of-william-hall-1843.html).

In initially putting together this list I  benefited greatly from the work of my grandfather's brother, Francis 'Frank' Michael HALL (1923-2005). While the HALL children below were born from 1868-1896, many of THEIR offspring (the grandchildren) were born after the 1918 cut-off for publicly available birth records in NSW, so in some cases all I know comes from Frank's notes - information passed to him by the living children and grandchildren of William HALL that Frank drove all over NSW meeting.

While all William and Eliza's children were born in Yass, they moved with their younger children to Koorwatha about 1900-1903 and so the elder children married in Yass, the younger ones in the Koorawatha area (90 miles away). It has been suggested that this was precipitated by the droughts that ravaged Yass around this time, that possibly financially crippled the family's farming activities.

It appears that the family were not all in close contact. When my great grandfather Norman HALL (son of Afred E HALL, #2 below) wrote up a family tree, he 'thought' his grandfather's name might be William (true), but more than this he did not know. He sketched out the names of six of his aunts/uncles but the remainder he was not aware of. This may just be a reflection of the fact my great grandfather Alfred E HALL left home when he was about 15 - he only met his youngest sister for the first time when she was 16, and he over 40! It may also be that conversion to Catholicism by a number of the siblings (including Alfred E) distanced them a little from the C of E (Protestant) family.

1. Mary Ann HALL (1868-1909). Born Yass, NSW 1868. Married Frederick COSTELLO in the nearby Goulburn district in 1895. They had six children around Goulburn and Yass, and a seventh child in the Narromine district in 1907. One daughter, Amelia Alice 'Millie' COSTELLO was burnt to death in 1908 (registered in the Warren district of NSW). The Registers of Coroners' Inquests shows that at the inquest on 6 Jul 1908 held at the Court House in Warren NSW shows that she 4 years 10 month old and was born at Bowning NSW (outside Yass) and died at 'Egelabra, Warren' as a result of 'Effect of burns accidentally received' - apparently it is still a large wool property.

Mary Ann drowned there a year later (1909) aged 40. She apparently blamed herself for not smothering the flames engulfing Millie (from Frank HALL's notes). Her own inquest, also held at Warren, concluded that she died of 'Suffocation by drowning her own act while temporarily insane'. I have not yet ascertained where she and her daughter were buried, and whether a headstone exists.

Frederick COSTELLO re-married to Jessie M BROWN in Granville (western Sydney) in 1911 and they lived in Lidcombe for a time - Frederick served in the First World War. Jessie died in Queensland in 1942, and Frederick married a third time to Frances DRINNER in 1946. Frederick died in 1956 and is buried in Bundaberg Cemetery (QLD).

2. Alfred Ernest HALL (1870-1954). Born Yass, NSW 1870. Died Croydon, NSW 1954. The second eldest son, Alfred Ernest Hall, was my great-great-grandfather. He studied at the University of Sydney, married Bridget MOLONEY in 1895, and was a teacher from age ~14, ultimately being headmaster at several schools in Sydney including Granville. I have posted a number of times on Alfred: http://thehistoryofmatt.blogspot.com/2009/11/alfred-ernest-hall-1870-1954.html . They had four children, Norman (1896-1972), Claude (1899-1984), Kathleen (1901-1912), and Winifred (1903-1965). Alfred was buried at Rookwood cemetery, Catholic section with his wife Bridget nee MOLONEY. There is no headstone at the grave.

Photo of Alfred Ernest HALL, probably when graduating from the University if Sydney in 1893.

3. James Samuel HALL (1872-1955). Born Yass, NSW 1872. Married Lavina Jane HEATH (1878 Yass - 1969 Sydney) at Goulburn district in 1895. James (called 'Jim') was a surveyor's assistant and miner and lived mainly at 50 Cross St Corrimal. Jim, Lena and eldest son John ran a catering  business in the Wollongong district and in 1987 son John was a partner in Bill's Sports Bar Corrimal. James like his older brother Alfred was fairly short and stocky and Lena was tall and thin. They had four children: Ave Maria (1907-1984 married Robert Michael POSITTI), William Vincent (1909-2000), Mary Ann Jane (abt 1913-1966) and John James (1918-2001).

James died on 17 Mar 1955, and Lovina Jane on 4 Feb 1969 (registered in Sydney). They are buried together at Bulli General Cemetery.

Headstone of James Samuel HALL
Bulli General cemetery
In Loving Memory of
My Dear Husband and Our Father
Died 17 March 1955 Aged 84 Years
Also Our Dear Mother
Died 4th Feb 1969 Aged 92 Years

4. Edward HALL (1874-1952). Born Yass, NSW 1874. He was the informant on his father's death certificate living at Koorawatha, NSW in 1912. He was a surveyor and travelled through western NSW as a young man. Around 1908 he moved to Koorawatha (where his parents lived) and operated a general store (E. Hall & Co) in Boorowa St Koorawatha. In 1912 he was charged and found guilty of 'uttering' orders, and sentenced to six month's hard labour in Goulburn Gaol. Aged 40, Edward was bald with brown hair at the sides, a thick beard, was 5' 8" tall. He never married and died 21 Mar 1952, probably in Koorawatha. Edward's estate was left to two nieces, Margaret BOYD nee WATKINS (daughter of #8 Sarah) of Koorawatha and Mary MCQUILLAN nee HALL (daughter of #13 Cyril) of Bass Hill in Sydney. I have not confirmed where Edward was buried and whether or not Edward has a gravestone.

Photo of Edward HALL in 1912, from his Gaol Description and Entrance Books.

Photo of E. Hall General Store (presumably with Edward standing at front), scanned from the book 'Chronicles of Koorawatha, Celebrating 100 Years of Public Education in Koorawatha' (published about 1984).

5. John HALL (1875-1950). Born Yass, NSW 1875. He married Eliza Jane Clarke (1889 Yass - 1954 Yass) in 1907 at Yass and they lived in the Yass district for the remainder of their lives. In the 1936 NSW Electoral Roll John is described as a grazier, and the family is living on O'Brien St, North Yass. Their only child Arthur James HALL (1909 Yass - 1979 Yass) married Stella BALLARD (abt 1915-1993) in 1932 - it is not know whether they had children but believed they lived in the Yass area. John died on 02 Feb 1950, and Eliza exactly four years later on 02 Feb 1954. Buried side-by-side in the Church of England section of Yass cemetery.

The photos below taken in 2010 by Kate Roloff show flowers at the grave.

Headstones of John HALL and Eliza Jane nee CLARKE
 Yass Cemetery
In Loving Memory of
Died 2nd Feb 1950
Aged 75 Years
In Memory of
Passed Away
  2nd Feb 1954
Aged 63 Years

6. Arthur HALL (1877-1899). He accidentally shot himself while 'rabbiting' near Devils Pass (adjacent to the family property at Yass River).

Sydney Morning Herald
Saturday 18 Feb 1899

YASS, Friday. A sad accident happened this afternoon on the
Yass River about seven miles from Yass. A young
man named Arthur Hall, a son of Mr. William Hall,
farmer, started out about 2 o'clock in order to indulge
in wallaby shooting. Before he got out of
sight of his house he had to crawl through a fence.
After he had done so he was dragging the rifle
through after him, when it went off. The bullet
entered behind one ear and passed out at the top of
his head. His brother saw him fall, and on running
to him found him dead.

He was not married. He is buried next to his grandfather Samuel HALL in Yass Church of England cemetery.

Headstone of Arthur HALL
Yass C of E cemetery

In Loving Remembrance
Arthur Hall
Who Accidentally Shot Himself
Feb17th 1899
Aged 21 Years
I little thought my time so short,
In this world to remain
I {thought?} when I left my home
I should return again

7. Thomas HALL (1879-1961). Born Yass, NSW 1879. Perhaps named after his uncle Thomas HALL (1846 Cambridge, England - 1928 Manly, NSW). Married Margaret Ann RICHARDS (1883 Yass - 1905 Orange) at Yass in 1905.  Thomas was a railway gauger and lived in various towns in NSW including Orange, Ilabo (near Junee) and Bowning.

They had nine children: Annie B (1906 Yass - 1982, married Brian CASEY in Orange 1933), Lyle J T (1909 Yass - 1982 late of Dee Why, also a railway worker), Kathleen D (1910 Yass - 1993, married Henry E Sloane in Orange 1931), Stanley F (1912 Cootamundra - 1995, married Rita M O'SULLIVAN in Parkes NSW), Robert William (1913 Yass - 1995, married Eileen STYLES in Orange 1941), Inez M (1916 Cootamundra - 1936 Orange, married William COOKE in Young NSW 1934), Evelyn Lorraine (1918 - 2008 Mudgee NSW, married Herbert VIDLER 1940 Petersham NSW), Russell B (? - 1971 Helensburgh NSW, married Daphnie CHURCH 1949 Orange), and Constance E (1922 - 2005, married Clive WRIGHT in Orange NSW 1941).

Thomas died at Orange in 1961, and his wife Margaret Ann in 1968 also at Orange, and they are buried at Orange cemetery in the Catholic section, suggesting that Thomas converted to Catholicism like his brothers Alfred and Cyril, and sister Martha.

Copy of wedding photo of Margaret Ann nee RICHARDS and Thomas HALL, provided by descendant Geraldine Murray

Headstone of Thomas HALL and Margaret nee RICHARDS
Orange cemetery, Catholic section
In Loving Memory of
A Dear Husband and Father
Died 6 Oct 1961
Aged 82 Years
In Loving Memory of
Our Dear Mother
Died 26 April 1968
Aged 85 Years
Missed by Her Family & Sister Eileen

Attached is a plaque:
Evelyn "Lorraine" Vidler
19.8.1918 - 21.5.2008
In loving memory of our
darling mother, grandmother and great grandmother
At peace with her mother 

8. Sarah Jane HALL (1881-1946). Born Yass, NSW 1881. Married Richard Thomas WATKINS (1872 Young - 1943 Cowra/Koorawatha), a farmer, in 1908, probably at Koorawatha (registered at Cowra). They had one daughter Margaret WATKINS (1908 - 1963 Cowra) who married Thomas Garner BOYD at Young in 1936, and they had two children Brian and Peggy - both were living in the Koorawatha area in the 1980's. Sarah was a fine dressmaker.

Richard died in 1943, and his will indicates their property included a horse and dray and four acres of land. Sarah died in Koorawatha in 1946, and is in an unmarked grave at Koorawatha cemetery (no headstone at grave). Her daughter Margaret BOYD apparently had a simple wooden cross in the same cemetery.

9. Catherine HALL (1883-1951). Born Yass, NSW 1883. Married Edwin Michael RYAN (1869 Yass - 1915 Yass) at Yass in 1902. Lived at Grace's Flat near Bowning just out of Yass where they farmed. I believe they had six children: Leslie V (1902-1985), Claude Edward (1904-?, marred Neta CROSSLEY 1940 Yass), Margaret E E (married Charles Smith 1926 Yass),  Arthur William (1909-?, married Joan FALLON 1946 Yass), John James (1911-?, marred Harriet Amelia DAVIS 1941 Yass), and Alfred George (1914-?, married Daisy DONE 1940 Yass).

Catherine was widowed early when her husband 'Edwin' RYAN died 29 March 1915 aged 46 years and was buried at Yass C of E cemetery. Catherine died 29 April 1951 aged 68 years. Catherine is buried at Yass Cemetery, Church of England, Section U, buried in the same plot as her husband.

After Catherine died, her son Arthur ran the property - but it had been sold by 1987. According to Frank Hall, in 1987 Claude was at Lightning Ridge (previously he worked at Burrunjuck Dam), and John with wife Millie ran a home, Warmington Lodge, Rossi St, Yass. I believe my grandfather visited the RYAN property in the 1930s, so there was some enduring family connection there.

 Headstone of Edwin RYAN and Catherine (nee HALL)
Yass Cemetery, C of E Section
In Loving Memory of

March 29th 1915
Aged 46 Years

May the winds of heaven blow softly,
O'er this sweet and hallowed spot
For mid the changing scenes of life,
Our loved ones will not be forgot.
Erected by his sorrowing wife & brothers
Also his loving wife
Died 29th April 1951, Aged 68 Years

10. Martha Emily HALL (1885-1930). Born Yass, NSW 1885. She married James FAHEY (no details known) at St Augustine's Roman Catholic Church, Yass on 16 May 1905. In the news announcement (Evening News, 27 May 1905) James was listed as 'of Tangmangaroo'. I cannot ascertain whether they had children, and by 1920 had moved to Sydney (Spencer St, Summer Hill). Martha was killed by a car on 10 April 1930 during a violent storm.

The Sydney Morning Herald
Friday 11 April 1930

A middle-aged woman, believed to be Martha Fahey, of Summer Hill, was knocked down and killed by a motor car while crossing Parramatta-road late last night.

Martha was buried at Rookwood cemetery in the Catholic section (Mortuary Mortuary 2, Area 10, Grave 2049), suggesting she had converted to Catholicism (like some of her siblings, and FAHEY is an Irish Catholic surname). Based on electoral rolls and Sands directories, it is possible that Martha and James were living separately. Martha's will, made out in 1921, left her entire estate to Thomas Savage of Concord West.

I have been unable to determine the origins or fate of James FAHEY.

 Headstone of Martha Emily FAHEY (nee HALL)
Rookwood Necropolis
In Loving Memory of
Who Died 10th April 1930,
Aged 45 Years

11. Norman William HALL (1887-1967). Born Yass, NSW 1887. Married Edith Maud LACK (1883 Campbelltown - 1946 Lismore) in 1908 at Yass. They had at least five children, including William Edward HALL (1909-1973), Thelma V HALL (?-1913), Keith N HALL (?-1922), George S HALL (?-1926) and Cecil Henry HALL (?-1964). While William was born in Boorowa (west of Yass), Thelma's death was registered in Byron Bay and Keith and George's in Ballina, so they'd made their way to the far north coast of NSW. Cecil is buried Alstonville Cemetery (CEM-A2-243) and William at Goonellabah Lawn Cemetery (por G sec 11 num 29), both in Riverina district of NSW. Edith died in 1946 and Norman died in 1967 - buried in the same plot as their son Cecil at Alstoneville cemetery (CEM-A2-244).

Headstones of Norman William HALL and Edith Maud nee LACK
Alstonville Cemetery
In Loving Memory of
Our Dear Father
Norman William Hall
Died 6th June 1967, Aged 80 Years
In Loving Memory of
My dearest wife and our dear mother
Edith Maud Hall
Died 25th March 1946, Aged 62 Years

12. Florence Eva HALL (1889-1952). Born Yass, NSW 1889. Married Allan Low MCPHAIL (1885 East Macquarie - 1944 Lithgow) at Cowra (probably Koorawatha) in 1908 and they lived at Vale of Clwydd, Lithgow. Allan died in 1944 at Lithgow and Florence Eva in 1952 also at Lithgow, and the are buried at Lithgow General cemetery (austcemindex.com).

They had several children including Leslie K (died 2004), Cecil MCPHAIL (1908 Wallerawang - 1993 NSW, married first Doris COWARD at Lithgow 1932 and they had children, and again in 1941 to Bedelia Marjorie DOYLE at Condolbin), Muriel G MCPHAIL (1910 Wallerawang - ?, marred Harold SMITH), Allan Bruce (1915 Wallerawang - 2002 NSW, married Gwendoline Vivian ISLEY at Lithgow 1940), and Roy (born about 1925 - ?).

Headstone of Florence Eva PMCPHAIL (nee HALL)
Lithgow General Cemetery

In loving memory of
My dear Husband and our Dear Father
Allan Low McPhail
Died 10th April 1944, aged 59 years
and our dear mother
Florence Eva McPhail
Passed away ??? 63 years

13. Cyril HALL (1891-1948). Born Yass, NSW 1891. Married Margaret WATKINS (1892 Cowra - 1951 Auburn) on 15 Jan 1913 at Koorawatha - he apparently also converted to Catholicism to marry. They had six children all born in Koorawatha: Mary (1913-1999, first a nun, then married Robert MCQUILLAN in 1944), Kathleen (1914-1993 Goulburn, became Sister Cyril HALL of the St Joseph's order), Nita Lillian (1917-1996, marred Reginald GRAYSON at Wollongong 1938, then Eric ROBERTSON), Sidney (1922-2005 Warrawong, married Ellen MALONEY at Wollongong 1942), Olive (1922-1989 Yass, married Arthur HILL at Murrumburrah in 1946), John (Jack, 1928-1992,  married Nora Ethel HARDY and lived in Wollongong).

In the 1943 NSW Electoral Roll Cyril and Margaret were living in Koorawatha, Cyril a labourer. Cyril died of Parkinson's disease in 1948, and Margaret died in 1951, both buried in the R.C. section of Koorawatha cemetery.

Copy of wedding photo of Cyril HALL and Margaret nee WATKINS in 1913, provided by descendant Cheryl BORG.

Headstone of Cyril HALL
Koorawatha Cemetery
In Loving Memory of
Our Dear Mother & Father
Died 19th June 1851
Aged 59 years
Died 16th July 1948
Aged 58 years

14.Walter Henry HALL (1893-1950). Born Yass, NSW 1891. Enlisted in Australian Infantry Forces in early 1916, he served in the 45th Battalion AIF. His enlistment records show he'd previously failed the entry test for the Australian Light Horse, and he gave his mother as his next of kin (Mrs Eliza Hall, Koorawatha). Enlistment also reveals he was 5' 8" tall, dark complexion, grey eyes and dark brown hair. He was assigned to B Company of the 45th Battalion AIF. He was wounded in France, shot in the leg that resulted in a fractured femur, and returned to Australia in 1918. This injury resulted in a limp for the rest of his life. Whilst in Britain he sent a portrait photograph of himself to his brother Thomas and sister-in-law (see below).

Walter lived most of his life in Koorawatha,  at one time he was a postman. He married Marjorie A DONGES (1902 Young - 1930 Young) in 1928 - she died in child-birth leaving a daughter Maureen who was apparently placed in State care and I have not been able to ascertain her fate. In the 1980s Frank Hall stated that so far as he could tell she was still alive. Walter died at Concord Repatriation Hospital (in Sydney) in 1951 after finally losing his leg, and is buried at Rookwood Cemetery, Anglican Section (Section 16, Grave No. 0003673). Andrew Hall noted that his headstone appeared to be relatively new, and was probably installed by the War Graves Commission.

Portrait photograh of Walter Henry HALL, provided by descendant of Thomas HALL -Geraldine Murray, taken by Edward Sharp, 221 Westminster Bridge Road, London. Back says "CPO1937 To Tom & Annie with best love from brother Pte Walter H Hall. 45th Battalion, 3rd Reinforcements, 12th Infantry Brigade, AIF On Active Service Abroad."

 Headstone of Walter Henry HALL
Rookwood Anglican Cemetery
1937 Private
45 Battalion
12th February 1950 Age 55
His Duty Fearlessly
And Nobly Done
Ever Remembered

15. Ethel May HALL (1896-1967). Born Yass, NSW 1896. Married Joseph William HODGES (1897 Dubbo - 1983 NSW) at Lithgow in 1918. Joseph William 'Bill' had enlisted in the AIF during WW1 but did not serve overseas. He was a pastry cook who ran bakeries in several towns including Harden and Moss Vale. Ethel was petite, and Bill a fine violinist who played at local dances in Koorawatha and surrounds.

They had five children: Joyce (married John Thomas SCHUBERTH in 1943 at Murrumburrah), Gloria (married Maurice MCNALLY in 1954 in Sydney), Betty, Paul (married and had children but nothing further known, see headstone below), and Jill (married Kevin BRYANT 1858). Joyce owned a photo of Eliza HALL nee BLISS.

Ethel died in 1967 and is buried at Rookwood cemetery, Anglican section (Section 15, Grave 0001124). 'Bill' died in 1983, late of Belmore.

 Headstone of Ethel May HODGES (nee HALL)
Rookwood Anglican Cemetery
 In Loving Memory Of
A Devoted Wife & Mother
Died 5th Sept 1967
Aged 71 Years
Devoted Husband & Father
Died 13th July 1983
Aged 86 Years

Attached is a plaque:
Son of Joseph & Ethel Hodges
Loved Companion of Sylvia
Beloved Father of Gregory, Trevor, Lesa, Robert
2.11.26 - 15.1.2000 Rest in Peace

It would be great to make contact with descendants and exchange information - please contact me if you are part of the family!!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Children of George and Sarah BLISS, Yass and surrounds NSW, version 3 (2018)

This is an update (version 3) on the children of George BLISS and Sarah nee FURRILL (and spelling variations). Here is a list of the children with the fundamentals. I hope to find photos and headstones for each.

1. Eliza Jane BLISS (1852-1925). Baptised at Murrimbidgee 1852, married William HALL (1843 Cambridge England - 1912 Koorawatha NSW) at Yass River (probably their farm) in 1868. Had 15 children in Yass NSW where they farmed on a property. The HALL and BLISS properties were adjacent to one another. Family moved to Koorawatha around 1900-3, perhaps due to drought. There she ran a store, and died 10 Jan 1925 aged 72. Eliza is buried 'back-to-back' with her husband William in Koorawatha cemetery. Have picture of her.

Photo of a photo of Eliza HALL nee BLISS
This photo was originally posted earlier (http://thehistoryofmatt.blogspot.com/2008/03/eliza-bliss.html) - and is a 'photo of a photo' of Eliza HALL later in life.

Grave of Eliza Jane HALL nee BLISS
Koorawatha Cemetery, NSW
In loving memory of
Died 10 Jan 1924
Aged 78 years

2. William BLISS (1854 - 1903). Born and baptised in 1854 at Boambolo, Murrumbidgee. Birth registered in the NSW civil register in Yass in 1857. In the 1878 Electoral Roll for NSW William was living at Devil's Pass, Yass (where the BLISS properties were situated). Shortly afterwards he moved to Northern Queensland where he spent 25 years. In 1902 he married widower Lilian Jessie Leonard (nee BREBNER) in Normanton, Queensland. Lilian was born in Sydney in 1866, and her parents were James Brebner of Aberdeen Scotland, and Jane Doyle of Singleton. The year following their marriage (1903), William died intestate in Cloncurry Hospital of malaria, and was buried at Cloncurry Cemetery, though I haven't identified a burial record yet. Lilian's death is also registered in 1903. 

3. John BLISS (1856-1909). Born Blackrange (near modern day Canberra) in 1856. Died 1909, aged 52, at Euralie (Bliss farm), a 'farmer and intestate' according to probate announcement of 9 Sep 1911 in the Sydney Morning Herald. No marriage record is found, however death of a Hannah BLISS (NSW BDM 7379/1905) is registered in 1905, father John and mother Margaret may possibly be a connection, or not (headstone doesn't mention anything). Buried at Yass Cemetery with his parents.
Grave of Henry BLISS
Yass Cemetery, NSW
In loving remembrance of
Who Departed This Life 31st Oct 1909
Aged 52 Years
At Rest
Died 3rd Nov 1915 Aged 96 Years
Wife of Above
Died 14th July 1919, Aged 87 Years

4. Joseph BLISS (1858-1927). Born Blackrange (near modern day Canberra) in 1858. Married Anne JACKSON (1872 Yass - 1946 Yass) in 1889 registered at Yass. They had at least 10 children from 1889 to 1915, all registered in Yass. One son (Claude Harwood Stanley BLISS) served in WW1. The youngest two sons of Joseph and Arthur apparently changed their name ever-so-slightly to BLYSS after a family dispute. Joseph died in 1927, and Anne in 1946 (registered as BLYSS). Not determined where they are buried.

5. Susannah BLISS (1860-1934). Born Yass River (Bliss farm) in 1860. Married Edward George COBLE (1843 Camden NSW - 1923 Burrowa NSW) in 1884, registered at Goulburn. Susannah and Edward George share great grand-parents Michael FURRILL and Judea nee WATSON from Woodchurch, Kent -so there were family connections there. Susan(nah) and Edward had at least 11 children from 1879-1900 all born in the surrounding districts. Susan died in 1934 aged 74 at Boorowa District Hospital, and her will indicates she was living in Boorowa. Place of burial not known.

Photo of Susan COBLE nee BLISS
This photo was originally sourced from a Coble family website (can no longer find that source - please contact me if you are 'owner' so i can credit you).

6. Henry BLISS (1862-1897). Born Yass River (Bliss farm) in 1862. At age 13 his leg was amputated in Yass Hospital. Died suddenly in 1897 aged 35. Bliss Yass Courier 24 Sep 1897: Mr Henry, son of George Bliss of Yass River, died Tuesday in Yass Hospital aged 35 years. Buried in Yass Cemetery, close to his parents.
Grave of Henry BLISS
Yass Cemetery, NSW
In loving memory of
Beloved SonOf
George & Sarah Bliss
Died Sep 21st 1897
Aged 25 Years

7. Charles George BLISS (1864-1901). Born 1864 at Yass River, baptised Charles but registered as George (perhaps a NSW BDM transcription error?). Died 1901, registered as Charles in Granville (western Sydney) NSW. Buried in Anglican and General section MMM, Grave 143 at Rookwood Cemetery. My father visited this grave in May 2012, and found that the grave had no headstone. The cemetery office informed my father that Section MMM was, at the time of Charles Bliss’ internment, a part of the General Cemetery, where people were buried who were paupers, had no family to attend to the funeral, etc.

8. Judith or Julia Ann BLISS (1866-1951). Born 1866 at Yass River. Married Arthur Albert Hall (1851 Cambridge England - 1921 Narrandera NSW) in 1885 in Yass. They had 7 children from 1886-1897 registered mainly in Narrandera. She died died 3 May 1951 aged 81 years. Buried at Narrandera cemtery.

Grave of Arthur A. HALL and Julia A. nee BLISS
Narrandera cemetery, NSW
In loving memory of
Arthur A. Hall
Died Feb 10th 1921 Aged 71 Years
Frederick O. Hall
Died July 27th 1945 Aged 55 Years
Julia A. Hall
Died Mar 3rd 1951 Aged 81 Years

9. James Stephen BLISS (1870-1948). Born 1870 at Yass River. He married first Harriet Ellen Margaret OWEN (1878 Yass - 1905 Yass) in 1898, and had four children with her. After her death he married secondly Mary Ann GOWING (? - 1955 Junee NSW) in 1908 at Junee NSW. They also had four children, and appear to have stayed in the Junee district where one of his farming properties was named 'Euralie' after the Bliss family property at Yass. He died in 1948 at Junee.

10. Elizabeth Louisa BLISS (1872-1943). Born 1872 at Yass River. She married George Crew (1861 Bristol England - 1933 Canterbury NSW) at St Clements Church, Yass in 1891. They apparently met on Valentine's Day 1891, and hence their first son was named Valentine (1892-1969). They had 7 children, mainly in the Yass area, and later lived in Picton then Sydney. Elizabeth died in 1943, and is buried with her husband at Rookwood cemetery, Anglican section 12, Grave 498. My father visited this grave in May 2012, and found that the grave had no headstone.

Wedding photo of George CREW and Elizabeth Louisa BLISS (1891), provided by  descendants Joyce PROWSE (now deceased) and Jan BALFOR.

11. Farrell BLISS (1874-1961). Born 1874 at Yass River, and named after his mother's maiden name (though homophonic, misspelt from Furrill). He apparently inherited and continued to run the family farm 'Spring Valley' from his father. Married Rebecca PRIVETT (1880 Yass - 1967 Yass) in 1904. The couple had 10 children in Yass, including one son (Stanley) who enlisted in WW1 and one son (George Leonard Farrell) who was killed in PNG in WW2. Farrell died in 1961, and the couple are buried together at Yass cemetery.

Portrait photo of Farrell Bliss, provided to me on several occasions by descendants.

Grave of Farrell and Rebecca BLISS
Yass Cemetery, NSW
Sacred to the memory of
Passed Away
22nd Nov 1961
Aged 87 Years
Passed Away

18th Jan 1967
Aged 86 Years
At Rest

12. Mary Jane BLISS (1880-1916). Born 1880 at Yass River. Married WIlliam ARMOUR (1874 Burrowa NSW - 1958 Bowning NSW) in 1899 at Yass. They had 6 children in Yass and Bowning. Mary Jane died in 1916, registered at Bowning, and buried at Bowning cemetery with her son.
Grave of Mary Jane ARMOUR nee BLISS
Bowning Cemetery, NSW
In loving memory of
Died 17th October 1916
Aged 36 years
Died 13th February 1915
Aged 3 years 

I am in interested in hearing from descendants of these BLISS children, including details, photos and headstones to add to this post. I count 68 grandchildren of George and Sarah BLISS so there should be plenty of descendants!!