Friday, March 22, 2013

The HALL General Store in Koorawatha NSW

After my HALL ancestors (William and Eliza nee BLISS) moved off their farm in Yass to the town of Koorawatha, it is said in the family history written by Frank Hall that the family set up a general store, which Eliza ran. While looking through the book on the centenary of the school in Koorawatha in my possession, I noticed a photo of a 'general store' with 'E. HALL' emblazoned across the front. I'll try and scan that photo soon - but I really need to identify where the original resides. One challenge is whether it was really Eliza who ran the business - they also had a son named Edward who lived in Koorawatha.

Frank Hall also mentions that the business burnt down at one point. As newspapers come on-line I've been looking for a reference to the general store, and the fire. Finally I've found a short article.

Sydney Morning Herald
Fri 27 August 1909
A fire occurred on Monday evening at about 8 o'clock, when two stores were totally destroyed, together with an adjoining dwelling. The Railway Hotel was saved by persistent efforts. The buildings were close to each other, and were constructed of wood and iron. E. Hall and Co. lost the whole of their stock of drapery, grocery and general hardware, together with some case and part of the books. On account of the inflammable material, nothing was saved. Mr. Flemming carried on a fruit store. A little was saved from it. The places were insured.

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