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George Bliss Conditional Pardon 1854

George Bliss, farm labourer born in Otford, Kent, convicted for theft of meat at Maidstone Sessions, was transported on board the 'Parkfield' to NSW 1839. He married Sarah Ann Furrill 1850 at Yass NSW where they had abt 13 children.

In 1854 George was awarded a Conditional Pardon, meaning he was effectively a free man in Australia, but could not return to England. While some convicts received an Absolue Pardon, those with a life sentence were not eligible.

The ftont outlines the conditions of the pardon, the crime and sentence of George Bliss:
George Bliss Condition Pardon front

The reverse side lists the convicts crime and identifying features to prove the holders identity:
George Bliss Condition Pardon back

Name: George Bliss
Ship: Parkfield
Master: Whitesides
Year of arrival: 1839
Native place: Kent
Trade or calling: Farm labourer
Offence: Stealing Beed
Place of trial: Kent
Date of trial 3rd January 1839
Sentence: Life
Year of Birth: 1819
Height: Five feet three and a half inches
Complexion: Sallow and freckled
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
General remarks:
Nose inclining a little to the left side
Several small moles on both arms
G BLISS in red ink inside lower part of right (missing)
Scar on the back of each finger of left hand
Two scars on the cap of left knee

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