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HALL family in Fenstanton and surrounds 1750-1800 (2)

I've submitted a new research request to Cambridge Archives Historical Research Service based on the previous results. There are three main aims. I'm hoping that wills of Edward and Israel Hall will state the names of their children, which will help solve the question of the parentage Elizabeth Childs nee Hall, and confirm that John Hall is the son of Israel Hall. Secondly, it will help nail down the Setchell family in Hemingford Grey a little more. Thirdly, it is possible that Edward born Hilton in 1764 is mine - the dates are close, the village is very near by - burials and marriages should help me rule this Edward out if he died young, and help piece together the family:

" Subject for research: HALL family in Fenstanton and surrounds
1750-1800 (2)

I'd previously submitted a request through the Historical research service order form (results dates 29 July 2008, ref: LI08_122[08/56]) - see links below to letter and results. Based on these results, which were unfortunately somewhat inconclusive in certain areas, I'd like to follow up on a few problems in different ways. This research is centred predominately about the HALL family in Fenstanton, and possibly nearby areas, and a few related families that tie in to this tree.

I have traced my paternal HALL lineage to Fenstanton, and found another HALL who has done the same (he lives in Switzerland, I am Australian and live in the US). In both cases we have copies of Hall parish transcripts from the Fenstanton village after purchasing a book of the village history, but in both cases find that the births of our ancestors, and some of their children, are not present (see previous search). This is despite the fact that they lived in Fenstanton nearly all their lives (from what we can tell) - the last search did unearth a few clues but no solid answers.

Firstly, I'd like to ascertain if there are any wills, inventories or administrations for the deaths of the following:
- Edward Hall, died/buried at Fenstanton 17 Nov 1839 (his wife Mary predeceased him).
- Israel Hall, died/buried 16 Jan 1848 at Fenstanton (his wife Phebe probably died Apr-Jun 1851)
- Thomas Setchell, of Hemingford Grey, died 1799-1841 - his wife Catherine Setchell probably died 1850.

Secondly, I know that Thomas and Catherine Setchell had their first child in Hemingford Grey in 1796 - I'd like to get a copy of their marriage transcript if it exists in Hemingford Grey - hopefully it exists in the Hunts Marriage Index.

Thirdly, the previous research identified an Edward Hall who may be my ancestor as part of this family:
28th Mar 1761 William Hall son of William and Margaret
28th Nov 1762 Thomas Hall son of William and Margaret
30th Dec 1764 Edward Hall son of William and Margaret
14th Dec 1766 John Hall son of William and Margaret
19th Feb 1769 Hannah Hall daughter of William and Margaret
I'd like to ascertain whether there are any burials or marriages from 1760-1800 in Hilton for any of these HALL's (and their parents William and Margaret)?

This may be more than is possible - I emailed your offices prior to lodging this request, and am under the impression that there is an index of wills etc. to facilitate the first request. I'm happy for you to copy anything you come across.

Additional information you may already know, which you think could be of help to us in the research.: As mentioned, one previous request and response was received, and these capture the background well:


Response transcript:

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