Tuesday, July 15, 2008

HALL family in Fenstanton and surrounds 1750-1800

I've submitted a research request to the Historical Research Service in Cambridge, which merged the old Huntingdonshire county in 1972 or so. I know Edward HALL was my ancestor and the he was born around 1860 and that he lived and died in Fenstanton, but I can not find a baptism for him, or the birth of one or two suspected children. Hopefully this will nail it down.

This is what I wrote:

"Hunts archive request

I have traced my paternal HALL lineage to Fenstanton, and found another HALL who has done the same (he lives in Switzerland, I am Australian and live in the US).

In both cases we have copies of Hall parish transcripts from the Fenstanton village after purchasing a book of the village history, but in both cases find that the births of our ancestors, and some of their children, are not present. This is despite the fact that they lived in Fenstanton nearly all their lives (from what we can tell).

Edward Hall, b abt 1760, Fenstanton
Married to Mary ? abt 1790

I have the birth of 6 children in Fenstanton
1. William - baptized 6 Jun 1794 at Fenstantion
2. Hannah - baptized 13 Mar 1796 at Fenstanton
3. Sarah - baptized 10 Jun 1798 at Fenstanton
4. Ann - baptized 6 July 1800 at Fenstanton
5. Mary - baptized 3 Jan 1802 at Fenstanton
6. Charlotte - buried 2 Jul 1803 at Fenstanton (birth not found)

BUT I can't find their marriage, also believe at least one child pre-dates their birth, Elizabeth HALL who married Henry CHILDS, 25 Nov 1813 Elizabeth HALL at Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire - they lived and had all their children in Hilton, Hunts. My Hall ancestor stated on arriving that his CHILDS cousins already lived in Australia, and this would have made Elizabeth his aunt, but I can't find her baptism. Not only did Elizabeth marry in Fenstanton, she states that her birthtown was Fenstanton in he 1851 census (her last).

So I'm guessing Edward HALL married a Mary in a surrounding town, and that perhaps Elizabeth was born there too. I'd also like to get a copy of Elizabeth's marriage entry to Henry Childs as I'm hoping one of the witnesses will be my family to add evidence to that relationship. There is actually a big gap in the Hall record in Fenstanton and I'd also like to find Edward's baptism in the surrounding area. Edward died in 1839 aged 79 in Fenstanton.

Finally for this family, Edward's son William married Catherine SETCHELL in Hemingford Grey in 1815 - I'd like to get a copy of her baptism in Hemingford Grey, her marriage entry to William, and ascertain what children were baptised there through copies of their baptisms also.

Related to the search for Edward is Israel Hall. Based on census entries he was born abt 1764 in Fenstanton - again there is no baptism for him in Fenstanton though. His marriage was recorded though - 17 Jan 1788 married to Phoebe SMITH at Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire. Again the marriage entry witnesses may help. I'd like to find his birth too. There is another Hall in the Fenstanton censuses for 1841 and 1851, John HALL, who states his birth as Fenstanton but for whom no baptism is available - he is believed to be a son of Israel.

Laura Ibbett, Archives Assistant at the County Record Office Huntingdon searched the original Parish Registers and Bishop's Transcripts from Fenstanton but unfortunately Edward, Israel and Elizabeth do not appear in either of these records. Being overseas I can't access local records, and they aren't indexed online in most cases unfortunately. My basic attitude is that Edward Hall might be a little tricky, but there can't be too many Israel Hall's there - and one should lead to the other.

I'd appreciate any help you can give - worst case scenario, a list of negative villages would help us in future searches. We know that Fenstanton is the main village - though as mentioned Hilton factors in, and Edward's son William married in Hemingford Grey. I look forward to hearing from you."


petamareerixon said...

Hi Matt

Think about "why" their might NOT be any baptism certificates with a name like Israel ??? That could be ONE clue... then his son Saul ( Samuel ) married a Keziah.

You can view my blog:


Go to year 2000 post

We are obviously related through that line...

They moved to Cambridge. As Samuel who on the birth certificate to his daughter my Ggg grandmother has his name as Saul ( Samuel ) and wife Keziah.

If you go on www.ancestry.com and look up the De La Garde Family you will find the line which i have all records of on their.

petamareerixon said...

Isreal Hall married Phoebe smith


Elizabeth Hall married Henry Samuel Childs

William Childs
Edward Childs
Thomas Childs
Mary Ann Childs
Henry Childs
John Childs
Robert Childs

James Childs
George Childs
Susan Childs

Samuel ( Saul ) Childs married Keziah

They both died in Australia and ALL of their 12 children from 1854 onwards were born in Australia.

m@ said...

Wow - I'd not thought of this, now obvious point. Israel is not my direct ancestor, but I think he was the brother of my ancestor Edward. Do you know where Israel was born? I have a lot of questions now! Would you mind emailing me at cispt2 at gmail dot com


Paul barber said...

Hi. I'm a decendent of ISreal hall's and Pheobe smith. I find all of this extreamly interesting...
I was just wondering, because ther is a photograph of him, was he an important man?
Paul. X