Monday, May 5, 2008

Dennis Island Cemetery, NSW

As part of searching for the death date of Harriet CASTLE (nee LEWIS) in the late 1800's, I wrote to the Uniting Church Records and Historical Society as the Dennis Island, NSW community was predominately Methodist where they lived during the 1870's. For the record, Dennis Island is near Bathurst, and not an island! While my ancestor was not listed in their records, they did send me a list of grave inscriptions for Dennis Island made 18th March 1971. I am reproducing the short list here in case someone finds an ancestor.

If anyone has a photo of the cemetery I'd like a copy to post with this entry.

A couple of deaths seem not to appear in the NSW BDM indexes - Sarah and Henry Oram Pellett, for example.
EDIT JUN 2011: Name mis-entered in original index - should be PETTETT, which does appear in the NSW BDM index.



DENNIS ISLAND CEMETERY.... Date 14th November, 1970
GRAVES AND HEADSTONES moved to a limited area and surrounded with ironwork fence.

Edward C. Cooke 31-1-24 aged 95 years
Emma A. Cooke 2-6-1890 aged 48 years
Edgar D. Cooke 3-3-1891 aged 10 years

Oswin Hunter Sweetnam 9-3-1896 aged 8 months
Bruce Thomas Sweetnam 13-4-1899 aged 11 months

Sarah Swetnam 16-6-1876 aged 50 years
Samuel S. Sweetnam 21-10-1900 aged 74 years

W.S.Sweetnam 24-7-1919 aged 63 years

Elizabeth Sweetnam 21-5-1929 aged 63 years

Jane Carey Crowhurst 25-1--1891 aged 24 years

John Soden 7-11-1886 aged 66 years
Frances Ann Soden 25-8-1910 aged 82 years

Lenea Sweetnam 27-1-1899 aged 72 years

John Martin Cooke born 10-7-1824 died 25-8-1879

Thomas Houghton 11-1-11873 22 years

Samuel Thomas Barron 7-11-1873 aged 22 years

Elizabeth Monegan 18-7-1877 aged 7 years. Elizabeth aged 10 days.

Dudley Kirk,am 16-10-1894 aged 21 years

Albert Bryant Crowhurst 18-3-1879 aged 3 years

Clarice Gracie Lewis 21-9-1916 aged 4 1/2 years

George Hughes 27-2-1860, aged 12 months

William Sweetnam 12-4-1873 aged 62 years
Mary Sweetnam 21-12-1868 aged 64 years

Sarah Pellett 7-7-1872 aged 21 years
Henry Oram Pellet 25-10-1885 aged 22 years



Anonymous said...

its pettett. the headstones have all been moved at dennis island and put into one area

Matt Hall said...

Thanks Anon,
I tried to cross-check with NSW BDM entries at one stage without luck - my comment at top was meant to say that i could NOT find PELLETT and now i know why! I checked the original trascript and it was either mis-transcribed or mis-typed (perhaps a very worn headstone).
I have edited the post to make s note of this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt - I have the cemetery CD at home which I think has some photos. Will email if you're still interested. Cheers, Craig