Monday, May 12, 2008

Border and Hodge family photos 2

Notes on the second set of photos provided by Lynette (Lyn) Cosgriff of the BORDER family (and HODGE family) in Watson’s Bay from ~1920 to ~1960. The captions written on the photos were added at a later date by Margaret BURGESS (nee BORDER). Some identification of those in photos made by Yvonne YOUNGER (ex BORDER, nee QUINANE) in 2008.

‘Uncle Henry Border
‘Uncle Henry Border’ –Henry Charles BORDER, son of Samuel Litson BORDER and Amy CASTLE. Henry born 1902 Canowindra NSW, died 1965 Sydney NSW. I do not know if he married. He was the informant on his mothers death certificate in 1940, living at 151 Queen St Woollahra, Sydney.

Norma BORDER, at her wedding at St Peter's Church, Watson's Bay, NSW in 1946.

‘Mum the tall one Eileen Helen Hodge’ & ‘Hilda, Gladys & Beryl’
‘Mum the tall one Eileen Helen Hodge’ & ‘Hilda, Gladys & Beryl’ - On the back can just read "William - The City - Sydney". Eileen Helen HODGE, born 1900, Sydney NSW, married to Samuel BORDER 26 April 1922 at St John’s Church Darlinghurst NSW, died 1947. The identity of Hilda, Gladys and Beryl is not yet determined.

‘Me on Dunbar anchor Watson's Bay’ - written by Margaret BURGESS (nee BORDER), daughter of Samuel BORDER and Eilieen HODGE.

‘Mum & grandfather Hodge, Darlinghurst St Johns Church’ – Eileen Helen HODGE, born 1900, Sydney NSW, married to Samuel BORDER 26 April 1922 at St John’s Church Darlinghurst, NSW – when this photo was taken. Her father, Walter Herbert HODGE born Sydney 1871 to Sebastian HODGE and Harriet SMITH, married Grace Smith 1897, and died in Sydney1956.

‘Grandma Hodge’ – Grace HODGE nee SMITH. Born in Sydney, 1870, to William SMITH and Ellen ROBERTS. Married Walter Herbert HODGE St John's Church, Darlinghurst, 30th June 1897 and had two children, Eileen and Annie (died age 2). Grace died in 1934, aged 64.

‘Bondi born there’ – I do not yet have the birth certificates of any of the Border children to determine where this photo was taken. John BORDER states on his AIF enlistment papers in WW2 that he was born in North Bondi. It is not known who the people in the photo are.

Unknown, though this is clearly the same has as that Margaret Border identified in Bondi (above). There seem to be similarities between these people and Henry BORDER – they may be BORDERs.

House at Ramsgate – showing Clare BORDER (now HALL) as a child about 1954.

Unknown - there is a couple sitting at the steps

‘at June Parkes, Salisbury Street (Watson's Bay) flats there now’ - Aileen BORDER and Margaret BORDER, girl at left not identified.

Margaret BURGESS nee BORDER and daughter Lynette BURGESS (aged 10 months).

Roy BURGESS and Margaret nee BORDER


Fran said...

Really love your family history photos and would like to talk to you about one photo in particular. The one with Aileen and Margaret Border at June Parkes House in Salisbury Street Watson's Bay. June was my cousin and the house belonged to my Grandmother, Jane Parkes.

m@ said...

Hi Fran,
Great to hear from you - please do email me at cispt2 at gmail dot com. Any ideas on the young girl at left?