Friday, September 25, 2015

Putting faces to names in unexpected ways

I am surprised how many extended members of my family I've not seen photos of. The photos are out there somewhere, just out of reach to me. So it was pleasant to find photos of my great-grandmother Bridget HALL nee MOLONEY (1875-1942) in a newspaper article (Truth, 14 Sep 1941), but the article was a little surprising. It described a court appearance as Bridget's daughter Winifred NISSEN nee HALL (1903-1961) and a dispute with her husband Arthur NISSEN (1903-1965). The article describes their marital troubles between Winifred and Arthur (which I know of - they later separated but did not divorce) and also alleges that Bridget had a drinking problem (also already in my family notes!).

Under the title:

Sad Tale Of Drink In Family

The article explains that the couple have been separated for 8 years, that his wife had been regularly drunk, and that he heard his mother-in-law plotting his death! He too was alleged to be regularly drunk, and to have punched his mother-in-law in the face (assault). Quite the read. Application for divorce was declined. 

It is interesting to learn that married couple had lived in my great-grandparent's home in Scott St, Croydon. Bridget's husband, Alfred Ernest HALL had retired from being a school headmaster by 1941, and must have been appalled at the public attention that so many ex-students would read.

And the photos, clearly taken outside the court by a photographer of this noble publication, The Truth:


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