Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A cracking read, or, Trouble in the Ewer Family

I was looking at the online newspapers for a few things on Clyde Ewer for my previous post, then the BONES line. In doing so I found the following remarkable article on hate-mail from Hilda BRYAN nee EWER to her sister Doris BONES nee EWER. What amazes me about the following article is that in our possession is a photo of the family, with brother Clyde cut out. We had always assumed that someone in my family cut him out, but perhaps great aunt Hilda 'did the deed', given the extremely vicious mutilated photographs posted by her, according to the article below. It was bad enough for Doris to refer her sister to the police. I'm hoping court records for the time survive.

The reference by the judge that 'The Man Pays' will not be dignified with a comment.

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)
Friday 4 October 1929
"In this case I think that the husband has been dragged in to shield the woman, for it seems to me the man usually pays. He marries, thinking that he will be able to settle down and be happy, but his wife gets into squabbles or into trouble and drags him into it."
The foregoing statement was made by Mr. McMahon, S.M., at the Burwood Police Court yesterday when he dismissed the charge laid against Mrs. Hilda F. Bryan, of Summer Hill, of having sent an offensive parcel through the post.
Doris Bones, sister of defendant, said that she received a parcel through the post in July. When she opened it she found it contained supper cloths and other articles she had given her sister, and photographs. On the backs of the photographs, in her sister's writing, was written:- "Liar of A" and "The Adorable Liar." Photographs of Mr. Bones had been cut up and a drawing of a coffin placed around them.
Defendant denied that she had sent the parcel, although she admitted having written on the back of the photographs.
Athol Bryan, a builder, said he posted the parcel, but he did not know the photographs were in it.
"I think you are a very vindictive woman, and I am disposed to convict you, but there is some doubt, so I will give you the benefit of it," said Mr. McMahon.

What does "Liar of A" mean? Perhaps Annandale, where the EWER family grew up, or Athol who was Hilda's husband. One thing is for certain - a coffin drawn around William BONES' must surely mean he is dead to Hilda, only three years after her sister married him.

(Thanks to Kyle for motivating me to get a few blog posts in!)

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