Thursday, July 16, 2009

Putting a face to a name - most of the time

I'm in Sydney at the moment, and am getting a chance to look at family photos. I remember this photo from my childhood - who wouldn't? The face cut out, of 'Clyde Ewer' always intrigued me, and I was told he was the back sheep of the family. Luckily my grandmother wrote names on the back of photos at some point before she died so we could tell who was who.

ewer front

ewer back

My grandmother Jean Hall nee Staniland (her mother is Ruby at top right of photo) wrote the following on the back:

"Back Row
- Hilda Ewer, married name Bryan
- Clyde Ewer, he cut this out
- Ruby Amelia Ewer - married name Staniland
Front row
Mary Ewer (nee Trevitich)
Joseph Jeremiah Ewer
Doris Lorna Mary Ewer (married name Bones) died 41 yrs (later de facto of Jim Crawford).

This is the first photo I've seen of Joseph Jeremiah EWER and his wife Mary TREVITHICK (spelt incorrectly above). Very exciting. I'll edit this post and add their details at some point.

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