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Thomas Trevithick, born Truro, Cornwall, migrated to Victoria then travelled to and finally settled in Hill End, NSW. He had three wives as described previously (

While I knew fairly comprehensively about Thomas' first wife Elizabeth Randal CANDY (my ancestor, died 1871) and his third wife Mary Ann GREEN (married 1900, died 1949), I knew very little of his second wife, Margaret Hosier.

What I did know came from the Hill End Family History Register. It records their marriage as:
10 Sep 1881
St Andrews Hill End
Spouse Margaret Hosier (widow nee Pigram)
B Bishop Stortord ENG
D 12 Apr 1892 Hill End
Parents: Joseph Pigram*
Bur Tambaroora

I do not know where this information came from, but assume it was from her death certificate. Their marriage certificate revealed little useful information, other than that Thomas' son Thomas (Jr.) and daughter-in-law were witnesses. Apart from Margaret HOSIER being a widow, no other biographical information was recorded on her. Her occupation was listed as 'lady' suggesting that rather than working she may have been of independent means.


NSW Marriage certificate
Date and place of marriage: 10 September 1881, Hill End

Name and surnames of parties: Thomas Trevithick
Conjugal status: Widower
Birthplace: -
Usual occupation: Blacksmith
Age: -
Usual place of residence: Hill End

Name and surnames of parties: Margaret Hosier
Conjugal status: Widow
Birthplace: -
Usual occupation: Lady
Age: -
Usual place of residence: Hill End

Married in Hill End, according to the rites of the Church of England

This marriage was solemnized between us:
Thomas Trevithick
Margaret Hosier, her X mark

In the presence of us
Thomas Trevithick
Sarah Trevithick

By me Josiah ?, Officiating minister


Using marriage records in London and immigration records in Australia I have now traced her back to England. I will present her information in chronological order (rather than in the reverse chronology that I uncovered this information in). To summarize, Margaret was born about 1822 - her birthplace seems to be conflicted, however I believe it was in London Middlesex (Holloway district), rather than the village of Bishop Stortford, Hertford. Bishop Stortford was probably put forward because a Margaret, daughter of Joseph was baptised there in 1825 - but there were two Joseph's of that name (at least homophonic to PEGRAM) in England.

The first definitive record is Margaret's marriage in 1840 to George WRIGHT, that reveals Margaret's father as Joseph, that she was young when she married, and that her father and (probably) step-mother were witnesses. This was presumably to confirm they approved of their minor daughter marrying.

1840 Marriage solemnized at the Parish Church in the Parish of St Leonard Shoreditch in the County of Middlesex
No. 172
When married: 22 March 1840
George Wright, of full age, bachelor, labourer
Residence Holloway, Father Jas Wright deceased, card maker
Margaret Pegram, minor, spinster, laundress
Residence Holloway, Father Joseph Pegram, labourer
Married in the parish church according to the rites and ceremonies of the Established Church after Banns by me John B Williams Curate
Solemnized between us: George Wright and Margaret Pegram (both signed)
In the presence of us: Joseph Pegram X his mark and Susan Pegram X her mark

WRIGHT is a common name, and I haven't found George and Margaret in the 1841 census, but the 'other' Margaret PEGRAM in Bishop Stortford appears with her family, unmarried, excluding her as the candidate.

Many George WRIGHTs died in London over the next ten or so years, so it isn't possible to tell when he died, but Margaret's next record was again a marriage in London in 1849, to Richard HOSIER.

1849 Marriage solemnized at the Parish Church in the Parish of St Leonard Shoreditch in the County of Middlesex
No. 104
When married: July 15
Richard Hosier, of full age, bachelor, labourer
Residence Brand Street, Father John Hosier, labourer
Margaret Wright, full, widow, laundress
Residence Brand Street, Father Joseph Pegram, labourer
Married in the parish church according to the rites and ceremonies of the Established Church after Banns by me
Solemnized between us: Richard Hosier and Margaret Wright (both signed)
In the presence of us: Joseph Pegram X the mark and Ann Carter X her mark

In the 1851 census, Richard and Margaret were living on George's Place in the village of Holloway, Parish of Islington, District of St James Holloway, City/Borough of Finsbury in London. Richard was 28, a brick maker, born in Camberwell  Surrey, and Margaret was 29, a Laundress born Islington, Middlesex. It appears that neither marriage produced issue.

While I cannot find the baptism of Margaret in London, her parents are found in the 1841 and 1851 census. In 1851 they live in Brand Street, Holloway. Holloway is where both Margaret's marriages in London occurred and her stated address in her 1849 marriage. Parents Joseph (48, a ground digger) and Susan (40, charwoman) PEGGRAM, both born in Holloway, Middlesex. With them are children Maria (8), Mary A (6) and Frederick (10).

In 1856 the ship 'James Fernie' brought passengers to Moreton Bay (in what is now Queensland), and on that ship were Richard and Margaret HOSIER as assisted immigrants. Two separate immigration indents exist, this one conveniently has them at the top of the page and supports the information above:

List of Immigrants per Ship James Fernie as inspected by the Immigration Board on 6th January 1856
Hosier Richd, Age 32, Occupation Brickmaker, Native place Surrey, Parents John and Sarah (no address given so presumed deceased), Religion C of E, Read or write: little.
Hosier Margt, Age 33, Native place Islington, Parents Joseph and Harriett Pegram, father living Isligton, Religion C of E, Read or write: little.

After this, I've not found any trace of them in Queensland, New South Wales or Victoria till Margaret's marriage to Thomas Trevithick in 1881. Most confusing is that I have not unearthed a likely death for Richard HOSIER.

Except one death, ten years after Margaret's marriage in the NSW BDM records:
11970/1891       HOSIER       RICHARD       UNKNOWN       UNKNOWN       PARRAMATTA

The unknown means 'parents unknown' so it's hard to weigh up, but it certainly raises the possibility that Margaret was a bigamist.

I hope in writing this entry someone will some day unearth some extra clues on Margaret, and particularly Richard. One day I'll probably order her death certificate to see if there are any other clues. I think that it is fair to conclude that Richard HOSIER was also a miner or gold prospector, given that Margaret found herself a widow in Hill End. But given that Margaret and her three husbands never produced issue, I'm probably fairly alone in tracking her ancestry and fate.

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