Monday, September 5, 2011

Marriage of Cornelius Hurley and Julia Dwyer, London 1851

Previous to my posts on Julia HURLEY's parents Cornelius HURLEY (1827 Ireland - 1905 Yarrawonga, Vic) and Julia DWYER (1831 Ireland - 1890 Yarrawonga, Vic), I ordered their marriage certificate. It confirmed the previously reported information, along with revealing the name of the father of each party.

Certified copy of an extract of marriage
1851 Marriage solemnized at St George's Catholic Church in the district of St George the Martyr Southwark in the County of Surrey
No. 153
When married: Twenty seventh July 1851

Name and surname: Cornelius Hurley
Age: 24
Condition: Bachelor
Rank or profession: Laborer
Residence at the Time of Marriage: 39 Bexley Street
Father's name and Surname: Cornelius Hurley (deceased)
Rank or Profession of Father: Laborer

Name and surname: Julia Dwyer
Age: 20
Condition: Spinster
Rank or profession:
Residence at the Time of Marriage: 38 Bexley Street
Father's name and Surname: Edmund Dwyer (deceased)
Rank or Profession of Father: Farmer

Married in the St George's Catholic Church according to the rites and ceremonies of the Roman Catholics, by me Jeremiah Cotter

This Marriage was solemnized between us,
The mark of Cornelius Hurley x
The mark of Julia Dwyer x

in the Presence of us,
The mark of Martin Moulcure x
The mark of Ellen Dwyer x

Frederick Charles Filch, Registrar

Apart from the name of each father, the certificate confirms my previous posts showing that in the 1851 census Cornelius and Julia lived adjacent or near one another.

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