Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Patrick CONLON in the 1841 NSW census

Patrick Conlon (abt 1793 Kinvarra Galway - 1870 Sydney NSW) came to Australia as part of the 50th Regiment of Foot in 1833. The first record of him is the 1841 NSW Census. While the records do not include the names of all householders, it does list the head and details about the home and how many people lived in the house.

1841 NSW Census, page 1
Return No. 246
District: Illawarra
Name of householder: Patrick Conlon
Place of residence: Mount Keara
Proprietor of household: The late Col. Leahy
Dwelling house built of: Wood
House is: Completed
Inhabited or uninhabited: Inhabited
Number of persons residing in house: Ten
Number of those free: Ten

The census information was collected at Mount Keara on 6 March 1841.

A table of numbers is difficult to transcribe! Let us simply summarise that in the home described on the first page, there were 10 people living in the home. This included two married couples (one being Patrick Conlon and Catherine nee Lowry), and six children in the home, all under the age of fourteen (and presumably all belong to Patrick and Catherine who had six known children before my ancestor Michael Joseph Conlon was born later in 1841).

One married couple arrived free (Patrick and Catherine), the other were listed as 'other free persons', suggesting they had arrived as convicts. 

Of the three daughters, two arrived free (Catherine and one other), and one was born in the colony (probably Jane bapt. 1838). All three boys were born in the colony (William, Patrick and John).

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