Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Biograph of Michael J Conlon published in the Glebe Society Bulletin (NSW)

I recently wrote a biography of my ancestor Michael J. Conlon (1841-1913), based on a lot of the material I've gathered and posted at my blog. It has now been published in the Glebe Society Bulletin (2011, Issue 5, p6-7). The biography is posted below, however the full biography (including all the footnotes) is available for download at the Glebe Society site (http://glebesociety.org.au/?cat=51) Volume 2011, Issue 5.

The photo of the ginger beer bottle is posted elsewhere on the site, however the photo of Michael Conlon was provided by Glebe historian Lyn Collingwood.

Source: Cyclopedia of New South Wales, 1907, p477-478.
Reprinted in Freeman's Journal, 4 Dec 1913, p19.

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