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Ellen Harrington (abt 1858 - 1907)

My second cousin David Sherley has sent me a PILE of certificates - a few I had an many I didn't. I'm going to post these all on-line as my next project.

I have not written about Ellen Harrington. I'll use the history my grandfather's brother Frank HALL wrote (with a few things updated by me):

"Thomas Uriah BANFIELD (1864-1942) was my grandfather. He married Ellen HARRINGTON, an Irish lass, at St Dunstan's C of E, West Peckham, Kent in 1888 and came the same year to Australia. Apparently both met when employed  on the estate of Squire Dalison, Thomas as a farm labourer and she as a domestic. Thomas was Anglican and Ellen Catholic and it is said she regretted all her life marrying in a non-Catholic church. But she must have been strongly Catholic to raise her daughter in the Catholic faith; and it must be remembered that the effects of the reformation were still very evident in England in 1888; freedom of religion only being granted in 1851. In Australia, Thomas Uriah and Ellen lived at Newmarket between Maude and Hay and had two children. The 2nd born, a son {Edward 1892-1892}, died in infancy and is buried with his mother at Hay RC cemetery. The 1st child was my mother Mary Ellen Banfield, born in Hay in 1889. Ellen Harrington died in Hay on 26-6-1907 at Mr. Gillogely's home and is buried in Hay Catholic cemetery. After his wife's death Thomas worked on properties in various places including Tumburumba before settling with his brother John BANFIELD on their property "One Oak" some 20 km south west of Lake Cargellico. He died in 1942 and is buried in Lake Cargelligo cemetery. Thomas had little formal education but was a solidly built stirling character who showed much love and patience to his family."

Their civil marriage certificate from England. West Peckham is about two miles from Shipbourne.

Certified copy of an entry of marriage given at the General Register Office (England)
1888. Marriage solemnized after banns in the parish of West Peckham in the County of Kent.
No. 160
When married: May 24 1888

Name and surname: Thomas Uriah Banfield
Age: full
Condition: Bachelor
Rank or profession: Labourer
Residence at the time of marriage: West Peckham
Father's name and surname: Thomas Banfield
Rank or profession of father: Labourer

Name and surname: Ellen Harrington
Age: full
Condition: Spinster
Rank or profession: -
Residence at the time of marriage: Shipbourne
Father's name and surname: Jeremiah Harrington
Rank or profession of father: Lodgekeeper

Married in the parish church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Etablished Church of England, by me, R. Swan.
Solemnized between us: Thomas Uriah Banfield and Ellen Harrington (both signed)
In the presence of us: Elizabeth Colburn and Alfred Legg (both signed)

Her death in Australia.

NSW Death Certificate
Date and place of death: 1907 26th June, M. U. Gilogely's, Dixon St, Hay
Name and occupation: Ellen Harrington, Female
Sex and age: Female, 48 years
Cause of death: (a) Acute cardiac dilation (b) Heart failure
Duration of last illness: 1 month
Medical attendant: E Feilchenfeld (Registered)
When he last saw deceased: 26th June 1907
Name and occupation of father: Jeremiah Harrington, Gardener
Name and maiden surname of mother: Not known
Informant: Thomas Banfield, Husband, Newmarket near Maude
Particulars of registration: H. Blackmore, 27th June 1907, Hay
When and where buried: 27th June 1907, Roman Catholic Cemetery Hay
Name of undertaker: A. Duncan
Name and religion of Minister: J. O'Connell, Roman Catholic
Witnesses of burial: R.W. Duncan, Geo. Lobb
Where born and how long in the Australasian colonies: Bantry Ireland, 19 years in N S Wales
Place of marriage, age and to whom: West Peckham, Kent, England, 29 years, Thomas Uriah Banfield
Children of marriage: Mary E. 17 living, 1 male deceased

Bantry is on the south-west coast of Cork, Ireland. While I know her father's name is Jeremiah, it will be hard to learn more about her origins... she married Thomas in 1888, aged 29 so may or may not have been in England in 1881. There is no way to tell when she moved to England, and her marriage certificate in England does not list her mother (only the father's information is entered). It also can't be ascertained whether her father is also in England.

I decided to check into the witnesses of the 1888 wedding to see whether I can find any clues as to where they lived.

Elizabeth Colburn
In the 1891 census (three years after the marriage) Elizabeth Colburn is recorded living in Shipbourne, where Ellen was living in 1888. The home in named 'Claygate', and Elizabeth is single, 47, a private secretary born in Ireland. With her is her mother Julia Colburn, a widow aged 76, living on her means. Remarkably, living with them as a general domestic servant is Thomas' sister, Minnie Banfield, aged 22 (born 1869) - her stated place of birth is 'Three Oaks, Kent'.

Checking back to the 1881 census Elizabeth and her mother Julia can be found living at 14 Clarendon Villas, Barry Road, Camberwell, Lambeth, Surrey. Julia, a landowner and annuitant, was born in Cork, Ireland. So too was Elizabeth, and three of Julia's grandsons, Henry (4), Jasper (2), and Charles (2) O'Callaghan. Most important of all, the 'Nurse domestic servant', was Ellen Harrington, 25 and unmarried, and she stated her birthplace as Kerry, Ireland. While Bantry was stated as her place of birth on her death certificate, Bantry lies close to the border to the two counties Kerry and Cork.

So now we know a little more. We know that Ellen was in England in 1881 serving in the London area. When her employer moved to Shipbourne in Kent, Ellen travelled with her. Perhaps while at Shipbourne, Minnie Banfield also gained employment there, leading to a meeting with Thomas Banfield - but it is also possible Minnie was employed to replace Ellen when she married and departed for Australia.

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