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Marriage and death certificate of Eliza Jane HALL nee BLISS (1852-1925)

Eliza Jane BLISS was born in 1952 to parents George BLISS and Sarah nee FURRILL in 'Murrumbidgee' near Yass. She was baptised into the Church of England by the Yass missionary Charles Ferdinand Brigstocke who also married her parents. Four months before Eliza's baptism, Brigstocke was to bury 75 people killed in the flooding at Gundagai. When Eliza was born, civil registration was not yet in place in NSW, and so it is instead an extracted baptism record that the NSW Government collected in its place.

New South Wales Baptisms
Number 2032 Vol: 38A
Christian name: Eliza
When born: 3 May 1852
Date of ceremony: 5 November 1852
Where ceremony performed: Parish of Yass in the County of Murray
Where registered: Not stated
Father: George BLISS
Mother: Sarah BLISS
Abode: Murrumbidgee
Quality or profession: Labourer
Sponsors: Not stated
By whom the ceremony was performed: Charles Ferd. Brigstocke, Church of England

She married William HALL (born in England but son of a Yass farmer) in 1868 and they had 15 children ( Among the certificates I've been provided by cousin David SHERLEY is their wedding certificate, which does not contain a great deal of information unfortunately (presumably it was not recorded by the priest). It appears that they married on either the HALL or BLISS property at Yass River. The COBLE family were also present at the marriage of Eliza's parents in Yass eighteen years earlier - in this case E.G. COBLE is probably Edward George (1842-1923), who married Eliza's younger sister Susannah in 1884 (sixteen years after this marriage).
NSW Marriage Certificate
Date and place of marriage: 26th May 1868 at Yass River

Name and surname: William Hall
Conjugal status: Bachelor
Usual occupation: Farmer
Usual place of residence: Yass River

Name and surname: Eliza Bliss
Conjugal status: Spinster
Usual place of residence: Yass River

Married at Yass River
According to the rites of the Church of England
This Marriage was solemnized between us
William Hall (signed)
Eliza Bliss x her mark
In the presence of us
E.G. Coble
A.E. Coble
By me F.A.E. Sillingeton

In the early 1900's they moved from their Yass farm to Koorawatha where William died in 1912 and Eliza in 1925.

NSW Death Certificate
Date and place of death: 1925 10th January, Young Municipality
Name and occupation: Eliza Jane Hall
Cause of Death: (a) Cirrhosis of Liver (b) Biliary Calculi
Duration of last illness: (1) 2 months
Medical attendant: W.H. Cook Registered
When he last saw deceased: 1925 9th January
Name and occupation of father: George Bliss, labourer
Name and maiden surname of mother: Mary Ann Jane ---
Informant: W.H. Hall, Son, Koorawatha
Particulars of registration: ?, 10th January 1925, Young
When and where buried: 1925 11th January, Church of England cemetery Koorawatha
Name of undertaker: John J. Patterson
Name and religion of minister: Sidney G. Davis, Church of England
Names of witnesses of burial: H. Porter, R.T. Watkins
Where born: Yass N.S.W.
Place of marriage, age and to whom: Yass NSW, 16 years, William Hall
Children of marriage:
Alfred 56
Edward 51
James 49
John 47
Sarah 44
Thomas 43
Catherine 42
Martha 37
Florence E 35
Norman W 36
Cyril 34
Walter H 32
Ethel M 29
One male and one female deceased

The certificate listed all fifteen children accurately! This is not true of her husband's death certificate in 1912 ( The informant was William Henry Hall, the second youngest son who lived in Koorawatha along with his mother. While William knew his grandfather's name he did not know his grandmother's, yet Sarah BLISS nee FURRILL lived later and the eldest daughter was named after her.

Eliza is buried 'back-to-back' with her husband William in Koorawatha cemetery. Several people including Angus Bliss and Tom Element have sent me copies of pictures of these headstones. Note that William's side must have a sunnier aspect - Eliza's has accumulated moss both on the headstone and the grave itself.

 In loving memory of 
Died 10 Jan 1924
Aged 78 years

In loving memory of
Died 26 July 1912
Aged 70 Years

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