Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Nuncupative Will of Richard Border, died abt 1650

This third Will pre-dates the previous two that I posted by more than 150 years. Rather than being among the few Devon Wills remaining, it was administered through the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC). The PCC covered the south of England and settled wills of people of greater wealth or who owned land in multiple counties (but there were other reasons also).

There is only one Devonshire BORDER Will in the PCC, that of Richard Border, of East Ogwell. East Ogwell is adjacent to Newton Bushel where my earliest known BORDER ancestor hailed from (James BORDER stated he was from Newtown Bushel when he married Sarah SLOOMAN at Exeter, Devon in 1706).

Given the possible connection (and Richard is a BORDER family name) I've transcribed this will, which does reveal information about the family connections this Richard BORDER had. As with the Will of Richard BORDER (1748-1815) that I posted yesterday, it appears that this Richard (died 1649) also had no wife or heirs to leave his money to - it is the sharing of money amongst extended family that reveals a little of his family tree. The Will is 'nuncupative', meaning it was delivered orally rather than being written down (on his deathbed it would appear). Paragraphs incorporated for ease of reading

The Nuncupative Will of Richard Border late of East Ogwell in the County of Devon Clothier who departed this life Monday night the Eighteenth Day of March Anno Domini 1649. The said Richard Border in his ? to witt the said Eighteenth Day of March Anno Domini 1649 being perfect in memory in the present of William Knowling of (Timgrace?) in the County aforesaid husbandman and Ann ? of Wolborough in the County aforesaid spinster did speak and declare these words following 

I give unto my brother in law John James' children five pounds and halfe a ?? of ??, and also I give unto my mother Emblin Border my Mare And also I give unto my brother in law Edward L??? child four pounds and half a ??? of ??? And also I give  unto my brother James Borders child all the money that is due to me from him And also I give to Elizabeth Lambshead the wife of Hugh Lambshead one Lambe, and one sheep ?? Joane ?? And one lambe to the saint Ann ?? and also I give unto my brother Thomas Borders three children forty pounds between them And the residue of all my goods to remain after my ?? are paid to my said brother Thomas Border the Sigur of William Knowlling and the sigur of Ann ??

The script is difficult to read in parts, the surnames particularly so. But we do learn that Richard Border of East Ogwell wasn't too old when he died - his mother Emblin Border was still alive. He had two sisters (indicated by the brothers in law) and two brothers James (who had one child living) and Thomas (who had three).

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