Monday, May 18, 2009

Amy Border (1864-1940) - headstone at Botany Cemetery

In my last entry on the BORDER family (, I referenced the discovery that Amy BORDER nee CASTLE (1864-1940) is buried in Botany Cemetery/Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park.

In the 1930 Electoral Roll, Amy Border is listed as living with her son John and his wife in Waverley. Yet when Amy's husband Samuel BORDER died in 1931 while visiting Amy's brother in Carcoar, he was buried there (they were living in Morbel, Canowindra). In 1936 Amy is living at 340 Lord's Place, Orange with her daughter Elsie DAVIDSON and husband (her son John and family living in Canowindra). In 1940 when she died at Sydney Hospital, her address was given as "late of 17 Oatley Rd, Paddington". When her son John's daughter Maureen died in 1944 (Amy's grandaughter), the death was registered in the Annandale district.

Many of the BORDER children had relocated to the Sydney area from Canwindra, and this probably accounts for Amy's alternating residence in the country and city. In particular, her residence seems to track with her youngest son John's movements. It's difficult to determine whether Amy lived with her children for financial reasons.

Recently, a genealogy forum member Kirsty Dunn was kind enough to take photos of graves in Botany Cemetery, including that of my great grandmother Amy CASTLE nee BORDER died 1940, and her grandaughter Maureen BORDER died 1944. The small statue of Maureen's feet over the grave are particularly touching. It is possible there was an entire statue? Given that the name is carved, an entire statue would seem prohibitively expensive.

Amy Border - Botany Cemetery 1

Amy Border - Botany Cemetery 5

Amy Border - Botany Cemetery 2

Amy Border - Botany Cemetery 4

Amy Border - Botany Cemetery 3

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this Matt. Given that Maureen was my aunty (albeit dying many years before I was born) makes its very sad indeed.
Richard Border