Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Children oF George and Sarah Biiss

George Bliss (1819-1915) arrived in Sydney NSW in September 1839, and in July 1850 married Sarah Ann Furrill in Yass. George's residence was listed as 'Mullion Forest' - and i have no information on his life for the prior ten years in Australia. George and Sarah had at least thirteen children between 1852 and 1880 (his death certificate states twelve), and their registration could help piece together the family's movements from 1852 onwards.

Joyce Prowse obtained the following document from Faye Singleton, who she met in the 1970's or 1980's, and Faye sent on the following typed document. It lists nine of George's children (and I've added one more as it's the only Bliss child certificate I have). Clearly Faye went to the parish records to prepare this record, and in doing so has captured the residence and occupation ('quality') at each point in time. A very interesting and valuable document.

George Bliss children

A quick search did not unearth 'Blackrange' in the Yass area, however the dates clearly indicate that George moved to Yass proper from 1858-1860, twenty years after he arrived in Australia, and aged about 40. After serving as a Publican, it seems he moved to farming proper around 1862-1864. This document will work as a good basis for trying to learn more about George's life before settling as a farmer.

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Black Range is near the present site of Canberra
I am researchign Ewer family from Victoria. Catherine Ewer married Thomas Cottle, who first settled Cottles Bridge Victoria