Sunday, January 11, 2009

Norman Hall death certificate 1972

Following from my last post, I obtained Norman Hall's death certificate also:

1972 Norman Hal death cert


Registered by Michael Desmon GEORGE

No 24119/72
When and where died: 11th October 1972, Malvern
Usual place of residence: 58 Sutherland St, Chadstone

Name and Surname: Norman HALL
Occupation: Analytical Chemist
Sex and age: Male, 77 years

Cause of death and duration of last illness: Peripherial circulatory failure - 10 days, Bilateral bronchopneumonia - 14 days
Medical practitioner and when he last saw deceased: J. Booth, 11th October 1972
Name and surname of father and mother (maiden name if known), with occupation: Alfred Ernest Hall, Brigid Hall, maiden name Maloney, School Teacher.
Sinature, description and residence of informant: Certified by G.M. Webber, 58 Sutherland Street, Chadstone. Step-daughter.

Signature of registrar: signed
Date and where registered: 18th October 1972, Melbourne

If burial registered:
When and where buried: 13th October 1972, New Cheltenham Cemetery
Undertaker: N. Kenny
Name and religion of minister: J. Scarborough, Roman Catholic

Where born, and how long in the Australian states, stating which: Braidwood, New South Wales, 18 years in Victoria, 59 years in other Australian states

If deceased was married, where, what age, to whom:
First marriage. Paddington, NSW, 21 years, Mary Ellen Banfield
Second marriage. Caulfield, Victoria, 58 years, Averal Agnes Saxon-Jones
Conjugal condition at date of death: Married

Issue in order of birth, the names and ages:
First marriage. Joseph Gerard, 53 years, John, 52 years, Thomas Alfred, 51 years, Francis Michael, 49 years, Marie Bridgid, 46 years, Edward, 43 years, Joan, deceased
Second marriage. Yvonne Fabian, 16 years.

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