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HALL family in Fenstanton and surrounds 1750-1800 (2) results

I'd previously posted (http://thehistoryofmatt.blogspot.com/2008/09/hall-family-in-fenstanton-and-surrounds.html) that I've followed up on a number of HALL/SETCHELL questions... the basic questions were as follows:

1. Any wills, inventories or administrations for the deaths of the following: Edward Hall died 1839 Fenstanton, Israel Hall died 1848 Fenstanton, Thomas Setchell of Hemingford Grey.
2. Thomas and Catherine Setchell marriage transcript if it exists in Hemingford Grey/Hunts.
3. I'd like to ascertain whether there are any burials or marriages from 1760-1800 in Hilton/Hemingford Abbots for any HALL's (and their parents William and Margaret)?


I've now received their response:


1. Hall/Setchell probate records

Huntingdonshire Will Index 1770 – 1858

I’m afraid I was unable to find any wills, inventories or administrations relating to Edward Hall, Israel Hall, Thomas Setchell or Catherine Setchell.

In case it is of any use to the rest of your research, these are the Hall and Setchell wills that appear in the indexes between 1790 and 1850:

HALL Henry St. Ives 1803
Susanna Huntingdon 1807
John Kimbolton 1810
Cornelius Kimbolton 1811
Edward Nassington 1816
John Woodhurst 1816
Samuel Hartford 1817
Elizabeth Kimbolton 1828
Leonard St. Ives 1829
Samuel Hartford 1840
Thomas Woodhurst 1844

SETCHELL Susanna Gt Gransden 1805
John Warboys 1817
William Upwood 1847
Martha Upwood 1850

Please do let us know if you would like any more information on any of these.

2. Thomas and Catherine Setchell

Huntingdonshire Marriage Index 1754 – 1837

The Huntingdonshire Marriage Index contained references to the marriages of three Thomas Setchells in the years before 1796 but none that mentioned a Catherine:

1762 Setchell, Thomas of Pidley Warboys
Hodson, Ann

1776 Setchell, Thomas Steeple Gidding
Abbess, Christian

1778 Setchell, Thomas Yaxley
Andrew, Elizabeth

The absence of a likely record could suggest that the marriage took place outside of the county of Huntingdonshire.

3. William and Margaret Hall of Hilton

Hilton Parish Register Transcripts 1558 – 1966

According to the transcript indexes, no Hall’s were buried in Hilton after 1746. Nor was there any record of any marriages.

Hemmingford Abbotts Parish Register Transcript 1604 – 1851

I found the following burials recorded in the neighbouring parish of Hemmingford Abbotts:

20 Apr 1795 Hall, John son of Margaret and William
10 Dec 1804 Hall, William aged 77
30 Jun 1815 Hall, Margaret aged 87

However, no related marriages were recorded.

Hemmingford Grey Parish Register Transcript 1604 – 1992

I also checked the records for the parish of Hemmingford Grey to see if there was any trace of the Hall family there.

It would seem that William Hall senior’s death was noted in this parish too:

8 Dec 1804 Old William Hall died

No other burial’s or marriages were recorded for the family.

Huntingdonshire Marriage Index 1754 – 1836

I went back to the marriage index to see whether any of Margaret and William’s children were married in the county. I found the following references that may be of interest:

1786 Hall, Thomas of Hemmingford Abbots St. Ives
Warboys, Sarah

1787 Hall, William of Hemmingford Abbots Hunt All Saints/St. John
Austin, Hannah

The marriages of several Hannah Halls were mentioned but none in Hilton or the Hemingfords. Hannah Halls were married in Woodwalton in 1788 and in St. Ives in 1793 and 1796.


I hope you find the above information of use although I am very sorry that it has again been rather inconclusive in some areas.

I wasn’t able to find any probate records relating to the ancestors mentioned in your email. Nor could I find a marriage record for Thomas and Catharine Setchell.

Records relating to William and Margaret Hall’s family appear to be spread over several parishes. Their children’s baptisms were recorded both in Hilton and in Hemingford Abbots. William, Margaret and John Hall, however, were not buried in Hilton but in the Hemingfords. Their remaining children were also married outside of the parish.

If you would like further information on any of the records mentioned above, or if you have any questions, please do just let us know. We are happy to undertake any further research on your behalf.


So there are a few interesting leads here. Along with my first request (http://thehistoryofmatt.blogspot.com/2008/07/hall-family-in-fenstanton-and-surrounds.html) and response (http://thehistoryofmatt.blogspot.com/2008/08/response-to-research-request-on.html) I'll piece things together for Edward HALL.

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