Sunday, November 16, 2008

Updated photo details - Patricia "Doodie" Ryan

In May I posted an entry of photos of the BORDER and HODGE family in Watson’s Bay from ~1920 to ~1960, provided by Lynette COSGRIFF. The captions written on the photos were added at a later date by Margaret BURGESS (nee BORDER). The original post is at:

One of these photos is shown below, with the original caption:
‘at June Parkes, Salisbury Street (Watson's Bay) flats there now’
‘at June Parkes, Salisbury Street (Watson's Bay) flats there now’ - Aileen BORDER and Margaret BORDER, girl at left not identified.

I was recently contacted by Fran HARMAN, a cousin of June Parkes who found this photo on-line. She recognised the girl in the background as her cousin Patricia "Doodie" Ryan who along with her brother Michael lived with their cousin June Parkes in their grandmother Jane PARKES' house. June Parkes was the same age as Aileen and Margaret, and married in 1952 to William Aldington BROWN. Fran recalls that Margaret BORDER was a bridesmaid at June PARKES' wedding (both girls were married in the same year). This photo was assumed to be taken around 1950, and this fits well as Patricia "Doodie" Ryan would have been 13 years old then (born 27 Mar 1937). Fran also confirmed that the House was located at 6 Salisbury Street Watson's Bay.

Nice to fill in these gaps, and piece together some of the social network of this family. I've always liked the frog at the right of the photo.

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