Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Edward Ewer advert 1826


"The Sydney Gazette and NSW Advertiser
Saturday 12th August 1826

EDWARD EWER respectfully makes known his grateful Acknowledgements to the Inhabitants of Parramatta and its Vicinity, for the liberal Encouragement he has experienced since he commenced Business in the above Town; and begs leave to inform his Friends, and the Public in general, that, on Wednesday the 9th Instant, he will open his New Shop, opposite to Walker's Inn, where he will have for sale, at very reduced Prices, for ready Money--- viz. silks, ribands, muslins, crapes, prints, shirting, calicoes, cords, checks, velveteens, fustians, drills, thread, lace and tapes; also, bonnets, hats, and ready made clothes; teas, sugar, tobacco, soap, and other groceries; locks, bolts, hinges, spades, shovels, and other tools; tea-trays, knives, forks and spoons; oils, paints, window-glass of sizes, ropes, lines, and cordage, crockery-ware, split-peas, oatmeal, salt pork, pickles, mustard, English hams, cheese, pickled herrings and anchovies, Day and Martin's blacking, gun-powder and shot; also, in wholesale quantities, brandy, wine, rum, and gin, with other Articles too tedious to enumerate.
E.E. begs to acquaint the Up-country residents, that Salt Pork, Grain, Butter, and Cheese, will be received at Market Prices for his Goods.
George-Street, Parramatta, July 31, 1826."

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