Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mum is arranging for a memorial plaque for Samuel Litson Border through the Canowindra & District Historical Society - Samuel BORDER (1857 - 1931) marred Amy CASTLE and he lived in the Cowra, Carcoar and Canowindra district.

During the 1890's, the family lived in 'Bangaroo'. Bangaroo is not a town or village but an area near Canowindra which took its name form a large pastoral station which employed many people over the years including a S. Border, who had children going to Bangaroo School. Mae Vanderschaar began researching the local area where she then lived and published a MA thesis entitled 'Bangaroo: a Microstudy in the Settlement and Closer Settlement of Land in NSW 1815 - 1908', MA thesis, University of Sydney, 1977. She published a shorter version, 'The Bangaroo Story 1815-1906'.

The references to the Border family can be found in the index. There is Samuel Border employed on Bangaroo in a list on page 33. On p 47 S Border is one of the signatures of parents on the letter in 1893 guaranteeing to pay a supplement to the teacher's salary at Bangaroo school. On p. 48 in an application to re-open the school Mr Border is listed as a parent who would have 3 school aged children to attend. The same application says 'there is accommodation at Mr Border's half a mile from the school where other masters used to lodge.'

To arrange the plaque we've provided the following information:

Pioneer’s Surname Border
Given Names Samuel Litson
Date of Birth 21.11.1857
Place Mulyn, Cowra
Date of Baptism 11.01.1860
Place Parish of Carcoar, County of Bathurst
Father James abt 1819-1913
Mother Sophia (nee Mason) 1820-1898
Arrival in Australia Parents: 27 Dec 1852
Ship Parents: Wilson Kennedy
Arrival in Canowindra abt 1890 (based on first birth registered in Canowindra)
Occupation Boundary Rider, Labourer
Date of marriage 01.01.1884
Place Binni Creek, Cowra
Date of Death 27 Aug 1931
Place Carcoar
Place Carcoar C of E
Spouse’s Name Castle (also written Cassell)
Given Names Amy
Date of Birth 01.07.1864
Place Black Rock, Bathurst
Father Isaac Castle 1830-1911
Mother Harriet Lewis 1836-?
Arrival in Australia Parents: 14 March 1857
Ship Parents: Beejapore
Arrival in Canowindra abt 1890 (based on first birth registered in Canowindra)
Date of Death 11 Mar 1940
Place Sydney Hospital, NSW, Australia
Date of Burial 12 March 1940
Place Church of England Cemetery, Botany

Children in order of birth
Name DOB Place DOD Place Spouse: Name, Marr. Date & Place
Thomas James 1885 Cowra, 1955 Hurstville, Louisa JENNER, 1908, Canowindra
Esther E 1886 Cowra, 1903 Wallaroo, Cowra, -
Ada 1887 Cowra, ? ? ?
Herbert Mason 1889 Cowra, 1970 Penrith, Eliza LANG, 1912, Cowra
Albert 1891 Canowindra, ? ?, 1911, Florence WILSON, Marrickville
Samuel Litson 1892 Bangaroo 1963 Marrickville 1922, Eileen Hodge, Darlinghurst
Arthur 1893 Cowra 1893 Cowra -
Minnie Abt 1893 ? 1899 Walleroo, Cowra -
Martha A 1894 Canowindra ? ? ?
Elsie 1896 Canowindra 1969 Orange Arthur L DAVIDSON, 1920, Burwood
Amy 1898 Canowindra ? ? Hilton R WHITEMAN, 1917, Canowindra
Henry Charles 1902 Canowindra 1965 Sydney ?
Johnnie 1905 Canowindra ? ? ?

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