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The Hall family historian for a long time was Frank Hall (Francis Michael Hall, 1923 - 2005). Frank, Eliza BLISS' great grandson, wrote up an amazing family history (he visited England several times as part of this). Frank traced descendents everywhere in NSW and visited them, and in doing so Frank visited Joyce Schuberth nee Hodges. Frank wrote in 1987: "I met Joyce Schuberth at 13 Hilda Rd Baulkham Hills and she has a photo of Eliza Bliss (Eliza Hall) my great grandmother" and elsewhere "A photo of Eliza - held by Joyce Schuberth (Table 1, No 15) shows Eliza at about 65 years to be slightly plump, about 5'6" tall with sizable hands". Frank took a photo of the framed picture of Eliza (you can see his reflection in the glass), and as the Hall family members look after the family history now, this photo was scanned.

Here is the photo:

I tried to track down Joyce Schuberth last year, but believe she may have passed on (though there is nothing in the Ryerson index). Joyce was the daughter of Ethel May HALL (1896-1967) and William HODGES. Ethel May HALL was the 15th child of William HALL and Eliza BLISS.

Eliza's story, adapted from Frank's hadnwritten history:

ELIZA BLISS (1852-1925)
The eldest of twelve children born to George BLISS and Sarah Ann FURRILL was Eliza BLISS. Eliza was born on the family property at Yass River - Spring Creek, NSW on 3rd March 1852, formally baptized at St Clements C of E Yass on 5th November 1852 and married William HALL (born 1843 in Chersteron, Cambridge, England) on the Yass Rive property in 1868 at the age of 16 years. She signed her marriage certificate with an 'X'

All fifteen children born to William and Eliza were born at Yass River, the last in 1896. It is estimated about 1903 to 1907 William and Eliza moved to Koorawatha near Cowra, NSW with their younger children Edward, Walter, Cyril, Sarah and Ethel. Edward ran a general store and Eliza a fruit shop. William HALL had a stroke about 1908 and died in Cowra on 26th July 1912, and is buried head-to-head with Eliza at Koorawatha C of E cemetery. She died at Sacred Heart Hospital, Young on 10th January 1925, aged 73 years, of cirhossis of the liver. She is reported to have been a firm mother but loving, and must have been competent, for all 15 children reached maturity.

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