Monday, March 26, 2018

William BLISS death certificate (1854-1903)

I've meant to track down the death certificate of William Bliss for a while. William was the son of my ancestors George BLISS and William FURRILL, and at some point he moved from Yass to near the Gulf of Carpentaria in Queensland. He died in Queensland in 1903.

Queensland death certificate
1903 Deaths in the district of Cloncurry
No 313
When and where died: 26th May 1903, Cloncurry District Hospital
Name and Surname, Rank or Profession: William Bliss, Carrier
Sex and Age: Male, 50 years
Cause of Death: Malaria, pleurisy, exhaustion
Medical attendant: H W Browning
When he last saw deceased: 26th May 1903
Name and surname of father: George Bliss, farmer
Mother (with maiden name): Sarah Farrell
Signature, Description and Residence of Informant: Certified in writing by James Greave, no relation, Cloncurry District Hospital
When and where buried: 27th May 1903, Cloncurry Cemetery
Undertake: by whom certified: P C Leonard
Name and religion of minister: -
Names of witnesses to burial: ? Moore and J Barry
Where born and how long in the Australian colonies, stating which: Warren near Yass, New South Wales, 25 years in Queensland
Where married and what age: Normanton, Queensland, 50 years, to Lilly Jessie Leonard
Issue: None

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