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The mystery of where Eliza SLACK / HOY / TEE came from still bother me.

Posted this on Rootschat today and cross-posting to my blog in case anyone feels like a challenge.

Below are literally ALL the facts I have at my disposal:

I'm decent at solving problems but this one is breaking me.

Not an ancestry but in my tree - I want to trace back Eliza's origins:

In August 1843, Eliza SLACK married ex-convict William TEE by Banns with the consent from 'friends' (Eliza was under 21) - the marriage was probably in Bathurst but the bride and groom lived in O'Connell Plains.

While the marriage certificate stated her name to be Eliza SLACK, their daughter  Sarah TEE's birth certificate in 1857 states the mothers name to be "Eliza HOY afterwards TEE".

Eliza TEE died in 1871 aged 45 years of 'exposure and intemperence' in June 1871 on the road between Tambaroora and Hill End. Eliza's death certificate listed her father as "Samuel HOY, a soldier"  with mother not known. Eliza's place of birth is given as "Chesire, England" and had been 34 years in New South Wales, so arrived from overseas probably aged around 11 in 1836 or so.

Given this patchy information, it seems likely Eliza was born to a soldier named Samuel HOY, and arrived in NSW with her father/family when he was posted there. But why the name Eliza SLACK at marriage - it is possible that Eliza was a widower at marriage to William TEE, however this is not stated on the certificate, and given that she was 17 or so it seems unlikely - there are no marriages that fit in the NSW BDM records either. Furthermore, her death certificate doesn't list two marriages.

So perhaps Eliza was born to Samuel HOY and mother, and the mother re-married a man named SLACK when she was very young and Eliza acquired the surname.

Any ideas? I've really dug deep, but possibly the regimental association is making it tricky.

More info on my blog here:

I've added transcripts below to assist:

First her marriage certificate:

NSW Marriage Certificate  {V1843699 27C/1843}
Number 699 Vol 27
William Tee of O'Connell Plains
Eliza Slack of O'Connell Plains
were married in this Chapel by Banns
with consent of Friends this ninth day of August in the year 1843
by me Thomas Sharpe Chaplain

Between us: 
William Tee
Eliza Slack, her X mark

In the presence of:
Charles Herridge, his X mark of O'Connell Plains
Thomas Hore
Mary Ann Webster, her X mark of O'Connell Plains

Next the birth of her daughter Sarah Tee (the only NSW BDM birth registered after birth certificates in 1855):

NSW Birth Certificate
Date and place of birth of child: 22nd April 1857, Tambaroora
Name and whether or not present: Sarah, present
Sex: Female
Father's name, occupation, age and birthplace: William Tee, Gold digger, 42, Northampton, England
Date and place of marriage, previous issue: 9th August 1847, O'Connell Plains, New South Wales
Issue living: Mary Ann, 13, 5 dead
Mothers name and maiden surname, age and birthplace: Eliza Hoy, afterwards Tee, 34, Chesire, England
Informant: William Tee, father, Tambaroora
Witnesses: James Gain, Nurse, Eliza Irwin
Date and place of registration: 9th June 1857, Tambaroora

Finally, Eliza's death. Both Eliza and her husband had been in court regarding alcohol consumption. Eliza's death is tragic and was newsworthy enough to be described in the paper:

Sydney Mail, 8 Jul 1871
On the 24th ultimo, Elizabeth Tee, wife of William Tee, woodcutter of the Paling Yards, near Tambaroora, was drinking at Cooper's Hotel, Tambaroora, and left there with a bottle containing rum, and was found on Thursday afternoon last be ex-constable Kelly lying dead in the bush, about a mile from the Excelsior engine, Tambaroora, in a much mutilated state from vermin or wild animals. 

NSW Death Certificate 5804/1871 (poor resolution)
Date and place of death: 24th June 1871, in the Parish near? paling yards Tambaroora
Name: Elizabeth Tee, {seamstress?}
Sex and age: Female, 45 years
Cause of death: Intemperance and exposure
Name and occupation of father: Samuel Hoy, Soldier
Mother: Not known
Informant: William Tee, Husband, Paling yards Tambaroora
Particulars of Registration: 30th June 1871 Tambaroora
When and where buried: 30th June 1871, Church of England Cemetery, Tambaroora
Name of Undertaker: {Edward Farrington}
Witnesses: William Tee and James Risby {note: James Risby married eldest daughter Mary Ann Tee}
Where born: Cheshire, England 34 years in New South Wales
Place of marriage, age and to whom: O'Connell Plains near Bathurs, 17 years, William Tee
Children of marriage: Mary Ann Risby 28 years, Sarah 14 years, five deceased

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