Saturday, March 10, 2018

Second marriage certificate of my gr gr grandfather Walter Herbert Hodge

Marriage certificate of my great great grandfather Walter Herbert HODGE.

NSW Marriage Certificate 1934/10649

Groom: Walter Herbert HODGE
Status: Widower
Place of birth: Sydney NSW
Occupation: Valuer
Age: 62
Usual residence: 7 Challis Flats, Victoria Street, Sydney
Father: Sebastian HODGE (Deceased)
Father's occupation: Licensed victualler
Mother's name: Harriet SMITH (Deceased)

Bride: Edith Bessie WEBBER
Status: Widow
Place of birth: Kent England
Occupation: Domestic duties
Age: 48
Usual residence: 7 Challis Flats, Victoria Street, Sydney
Father: George Jeffery (Deceased)
Father's occupation: Builder
Mother's name: Elizabeth Frances COAST (Deceased)

Date of marriage: 28 Sep 1934
Place of marriage: The registrar general's office Sydney
Religion: Marriage Act No 15 of 1899
Witness: (Signed) Sophie M L Smith, (Signed) Sydney G Smith
Minister: A C L Bayliss, Deputy Registrar General 

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