Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How to pronouce TREVITHICK

I've often wondered how to pronounce the name Trevithick - newspaper reports in Australia mis-spell the word, for example 'Trevitick'. This would suggest there is a hard T pronounced in the middle of the word. Here is a hint.

Cumberland Argus
27 May 1935

Cumberland Argus  27 May 1935
What's in a Name?
At Parramatta Quarter Sessions on Tuesday - 
The name was T-r-e-v-i-t-h-i-c-k
The witness called it TREVithick
Judge Sheridan: TreVITHick. Australians won't be understood in a few years - outside Australia.
Mr. F. E.  Murray: I think the witness is an Englishman, your Honor.
His Honor: Then he's been out here a long time and got into bad habits.
After that, they called it TreVITHick.

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