Thursday, April 24, 2014

Patrick Joseph Quinane medal miniatures

As it's (almost here) ANZAC Day, I thought I'd post this - I'm the current custodian of my great grandfather's WW1 miniatures. Not the issued medals, but the miniatures he purchased to wear more conveniently - they are small replicas of the (L-R) 1914-15 star, the British war medal, and the Victory medal. Note also the gold 'A' stitched onto the ribbon of the 1914-15 star. That 'A' was not officially issued, but signified to others that he was a ANZAC who served at Gallipoli. Patrick Joseph Quinane was lucky - he lost an eye at Gallipoli, but came home (and had a family).


Reverse. Note pin for attaching to lapel.

As can be seen, the medals are not mounted. I have a number of concerns. Firstly, the medals are not made of noble metals, and there is a slight amount of green (copper-related?) corrosion. I am concerned that this is mediated by medals of different metal content being in contact. Secondly, i just worry about the medals 'hanging' in a frame causing strain to the ribbons. As such, I keep them laying flat, and would like to keep a plastic piece inserted between each medal.

All advice appreciated!

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