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John Moloney's record as a teacher

I have several ancestors who were teachers in New South Wales, and recently digitized the NSW Teachers Rolls for NSW (1869-1908). This covers all teachers (in theory) working for the state of NSW. My ancestor John Moloney taught at a number of schools in Sydney, and there are posts on what had been found. The Teachers Roll actually reveals a tremendous amount of information, not all of it 'positive', and some relating to his over-zealous use of corporal punishment, alluded to in the Sydney newspapers at the time.

I've decided to transcribe John's record as some of these details are captured, and will do the same for my Gr Gr Grandfather Alfred Ernest Hall also.

Transcript - some writing small and difficult to read. The 'RC' stands for Roman Catholic - his religion. I have bolded the start of each separate entry to make them clear.

Moloney John (RC)
Age 42 in 1883. In July 1883 stated that he had served for 18 years 4 months, out of service 1 April to 28 July 1868 because of ill health.
Entered service 1st January 1865. Out of service 1 April to 28 July 1868
Teacher of Double Bay R.C.
70/1862. Promoted from Class III Section B to Class III Section A. March 1870.
70/1508. Removed from Double Bay R.C. to Waterloo R.C. December 1870.
413/15199. Promoted from Class III Sec A to Class II Sec B (Exam) 1 November 1873.
77/15725. Promoted from Class IIB to Class IIA (Exam). 1 October 1877.
Removed from Waterloo R.C. to Gardener's Road Pub 22 Dec 1882. [To take effect 1.1.83].
M.M. 15.3.89 Insd. 25.3.89. Attention specially directed to terms of Regulation respecting Corporal punishment Strongly cautioned against too frequent use of the cane.
M.M. 28.5.90. To be removed to another school of the same class as that which he now holds on account of complaints preferred against him. Informed that he should not seek the position of Alderman and that his wife must in future give the girls careful and efficient instruction in needlework. 29th May 1890.
Removed from Gardener's Road to Sussex St. P. 11th July 1890.
U.S. 16.2.91. Directed to see that regular instruction in Music is given to the Pupil Teachers under his charge and informed that the instruction imparted at the Saturday classes does not relieve him from responsibility as regards the attainments.Informed 17 February 1891.
M.M. 9.9.91. In connection with the Inspection Report which proved his inefficiency as teacher - the Minister decided to employ him temporarily at Cleveland St. Sup. Public. as General Assistant pending his removal to a country school (Reduced to the rank of Assistant). Informed 9th Sep 1891.
Instructed back as Temp. Assistant at Cleveland St Pub. 240 puunds. 9th Sep 1891.
M.M. 30.9.91. Minister decided that decision to remove John Moloney to country be allowed to remain in ??? until he shall have had fair opportunity of showing with what success he can acquaint himself as General Assistant. Informed 1 October 1891.
Instructed to act as Teacher of Bowling Alley Point Pub 8th August 189?.
On 3rd August 1896 (Paper 45,063) ??? Board VI decided that John Moloney be paid 235 pounds ??? as Assistant at Cleveland St put from 1st July 1896.  6th August 1896.
?? 16.4.01. Six months leave of absence from 15th April 1901 and retirement from 14th October 1901, approved. 6.5.01.

The over-zealous use of cane, and the conflict of a public servant acting as Alderman both appeared in the NSW papers. Life certainly became more complicated for John from 1889 or so, ultimately meaning he was 'removed to the country'.

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