Monday, October 31, 2011

Obituary of Sebastian Hodge (1833-1889)

Australian Town and Country Journal
Saturday 27 April 1889
Mr S. HODGE - Everybody in Sydney who wanted to know anything about brass bands or military music had only to apply to Mr. Sebastian Hodge, at the Commercial Hodge, at the Commercial Hotel in King-street. He prided himself upon knowing these subjects perfectly ; and his pride was well founded. We have now to record his death, which occurred last Sunday evening after the operation had been performed for the removal of a carbuncle on his neck. Mr. Hodge came to Australia many years ago as bandsman in the 11th Regiment ; and after his term of service in the army he was appointed drill-sergeant at the Sydney Grammar School. Subsequently, he took over the well-known Commercial Hotel, of which he was the proprietor at the time of his death. Mr. Hodge was the founder of the once popular city band, and as a clarionet and saxophone player had not been excelled in Australia. He was president of the Licensed Victuallers' Association, and a staunch Mason. He was 56 years of age, and left a wife and several children. The remains were buried in the Waverley Cemetery with Masonic honors.

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Mark Pinner said...

It also appears that Sebastian Hodge went by the nickname 'Bass' Hodge. He played in the Theatre Royal Orchestra which was owned or leased by the Williamson, Garner and Musgrove Company, the forerunner of the J.C. Williamson theatrical conglomerate.