Monday, June 20, 2011

Samuel BORDER accident 1915 (2)

I've previously written about the accident in which my ancestor Samuel BORDER (1892-1963) lost his legs ( I've now updated another entry as I've found a second small article complementing that from the Sydney Morning Herald describing the accident, with more details.

The Sydney Morning Herald
Monday 20 September 1915
Late on Friday night Samuel Border, a soldier, attached to the 10th Reinforcements of the 3rd Battalion, met wlth a severe accident, whilst waiting on the Granville railway Station for a train going to Liverpool.
It Is stated that, in a meleoe which took place amongst a number at soldiers, Border was knocked down, and fell on to the permanent way, when a passing goods train ran over him. His own version is that there was a "bit of an argument," when somebody accidentally bumped against him, and he over-balanced and fell. The train passed over both legs, and it was found necessary to amputate both feet. His condition on Sunday was considered to be fairly favourable. He attaches no blame to anybody.

The second article I recently found:

Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW)
Monday 20 September 1915

Sydney, Sunday
A fight is alleged to have taken place among a number of soldiers on the Granville railway station late on Friday night, and in the mix-up one soldier, Samuel Border (23), fell off the platform on to the lines, and half the length of a goods train, which was then dashing through, passed over him.
According to the information collected from railway sources, the disturbance broke out on an island platform at the station at about 11.45 o'clock. The train was travelling on the down line, and as Border disappeared over the edge of the platform it struck him before he had any chance of regaining his footing.
When picked up it was found that Border had his left leg below the knee nearly severed, and his right foot cut off just above the boot. There were also lacerations about the body. He was taken to Parramatta Hospital.
Border is attached to the 10th Reinforcements, 3rd Battalion, and is a single man. His people live at Canowindra.

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