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The LAW family of Northampton

In working my ancestor Helen Charlotte Roberts ( I've faced greatly difficulty in piecing together her parents and siblings in London, however I think I've finally solved it. Her mother, Charlotte Elizabeth LAW married William Richard ROBERTS in 1833 at St Margaret's Westminster. When he died she married George WELLS (1839) and when he died she married William Ritherdon ROBERTS (1847, no relation) !!! So Charlotte Elizabeth died with her first married name. Her last marriage certificate stated her father was William LAW, Banker and IGI quickly pointed to Northampton, and many family names confirmed this.

In searching for info on this LAW family I came across a handwritten document from the Northamptonshire Record Office, Ref: 1404/8. I'm transcribing it here in the hopes that it will prove useful to others - if you have a connection please do contact me! It's difficult to confirm the information at St Sepulchre, Northampton church records do not appear to have been indexed on-line. Obviously birth dates could only come from this family record as few church records entered birth dates.

Northamptonshire Record Office, Ref: 1404/8

Copied by Audrey Law, b.1912, dau. of Walter Evelyn, son of Edmund, son of Edmund Francis below.
From a Bible fly-leaf written by Charlotte Roberts, who is buried with her husband and some children in the churchyard of St Giles, Northampton. 
Married 5 July 1803 at St Sepulchre's Northampton.
William Law (1781-1829) = Charlotte Roberts "with whom he lived twenty five years in peace and on 22 March 1829, exchanged time for a Blessed Eternity, aged 48".

William and Charlotte had issue:
William Wilby, born 20 Aug 1804, died 14 May 1880, m. 7 Sep 1830 at St Sepulchre's N'ton
Sophia Sarah, born 6 Nov 1806, m. 18 Apr 1831 at St Mary's Lambeth London
Charlotte Eliz. d. inf. born 8 Sep 1808, died 4 July 1809

Edmund Francis born 26 Apr 1810, died 1882, m. 23 Oct 1832 at St Sepulchre's N'ton
Charlotte Elizabeth, born 8 May 1812, died 26 Oct 1848, m. 15 Dec 1833 at St Margaret's Westminster
Selina, born 13 Feb 1814
Eliza, born 11 Feb 1816, died 4 Jan 1826
Joseph Henry, d. inf. born 27 Dec 1817, died 1 Jan 1818
Christopher James, born 7 Feb 1819
Edward, born 19 July 1820, died 20 Nov 1825
Alfred, born 13 Sep 1821, bapt 12 Mar 1823 "registered 29 Oct 1827 in consequence of parish clerk mistake"
Marianne, born 27 Feb 1823, died 15 Nov 1855, bur. with parents in St Giles N'ton

William Law, father of John Law, father of 
1. William Law who married Carlotte Roberts - twelve children as above.
2. Henry

William Law was manager of Northampton Town and County Bank (Smith, Osborne & Howes) 1815-1825 "the most miserable years for England coming to a head".

Oct 1825, 200 county banks stopped payment ; after 4 years William Law as manager wound up the Northampton Town and County's affairs satisfactorily
24 Jan 1829 Northampton Mercury reports "divide 20/- in the pound with interest". William then said to his wife "Now, my dear, I can rest"

22 Mar 1829 William died.

End of section. There is then a separate section on one line of the above family (that of Audrey Law who compiled the notes) which I will also reproduce here. I do not know what the expression 'sp' represents.

LAWS from 1840 - Compiled by Audrey Freeman (nee Law) 1981
EDMUND LAW (1840-1904) = ELIZABETH TANNER (1836-1908)
married 1866 at Cheltenham Parish Church, both buried at Northampton Billing Road Cemetery. Had issue :-
b. (Mai) Elizabeth Mary d. m. Sydney Harris
b. 1869 Edmund Augustus d. 1939 m. Edith Florence Talyor
b. 1872 Herbert Henry d. 1938? m. Ada Williams
b. 1873 Robert Scudamore d. 1930's m. in Canada 3 children
b. 1875 Arthur Somerset d. 195? m.
b. 1877 Walter Evelyn d. 19?? m. Ethel Caroline Horton


Edmund Augustus had Marion 1899, Vera 1900, Leslie Edmund 1903-1980 all s.p.

Herbert Henry had:
Kenneth m. Babs 1 son
Brian sp
Ronald killed car accident sp
Trevor ?-1978 sp
Peter sp.

Arthur Somerset had boy, girl, Eric, Rupert Scudamore (Jean Fletcher, 3 children)

Walter Evelyn had Doreen 19??, Audrey 1912 m. Robert Mark Freem 2 daughters.


Next generation:
Kenneth had 1 son Robin
Barbara has 2 sons
Rupert had ?
Audrey had 1949 Carolyn Rose & 1951 Wendy Jane m. 1977 Michael Charles Coleman dec. 1981


EDIT: The burial of William LAW has been confirmed thanks to a Rootschat member

Burial at St Giles C of E
Mar 29 1829
William Law of Wood Steet aged 48

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Hi Matt, thanks, done well!
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