Friday, July 2, 2010

ALLIN family of Fenstanton

The ALLIN family of Fenstanton, Hunts, England is tangentially connected to the HALL family of Fenstanton. John HALL (1833 Fenstanton), youngest brother of my ancestor Samuel (1816-1884) who came to Australia, married Adelaide ALLIN on 27 Mar 1853 at All Saints Church, Islington, Middlesex, England.

It is only because of Adelaide's rare name that I could piece this together - unfortunately one of the many flaws in British registrations is that people were not asked where they were from.

1853 Marriage solemnized at All Saints Church in the Parish of Islington in the County of Middlesex
No. 210
When married: March 27th 1853
Name and Surname: John Hall
Age: full
Condition: Bachelor
Rank or profession: Grocer
Residence at time of marriage: 24 Upper Winchester Place
Father's name and surname: William Hall
Rank or profession of father: Cordwainer
Name and Surname: Adelaide Allin
Age: full
Condition: Spinster
Rank or profession: Servant
Residence at time of marriage: 24 Upper Winchester Place
Father's name and surname: John Allin
Rank or profession of father: GlazierMarried in the All Saints Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church of England after Banns by me, David ?, CurateThis marriage was solemnized between us (signed by both parties)

In the presence of:
Samuel Rolls and Ann Robinson (signed)

The witnesses, ROLLS and ROBINSON, are both names tied to the HALL family in Fenstanton. Samuel ROLLS had married John's sister Catherine HALL back in Fenstanton the year before, and Ann ROBINSON was actually Ann nee ALLIN, Adelaide's sister - this took a long time to work out. This back-and-forth from Fenstanton to London was all facilitated by the new railways which were laid down in Cambridge in the late 1840's. So they were a pretty mobile lot by then.

In trying to piece the ALLIN family tree together I am greatly indebted to Sue, a Rootschat member from England, who visited the Fenstanton parish cemetery and took photos of the ALLIN headstone that remains there. As well as the parents (John and Susannah) it lists three daughters by their married name, including Adelaide. While John and Adelaide lived in London, it seems she returned to Fenstanton when unwell and died in 1874 aged 41 (her death is registered in the district).

Fenstanton parish church cemetery
In affectionate remembrance of
who died May 20 1842
Aged 53 years
SUSANNAH relict of the above
who died Oct 18 1874
Aged 86 years
REUBEN their son
who died March 17 1829
aged 2 years
SUSANNAH WATTS their daughter
who died Oct 31 1842
aged 26 years
SARAH VICKERY their daughter
who died Aug 31 1860
aged 33 years
ADELAIDE HALL their daughter
who died Aug 15 1874
aged 42 years
also 6 grandchildren

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