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Hall family in Fenstanton/Hemingford - REQUEST LETTER 4

Just submitted the following queries. I wish I could run these searches myself! At any rate, these answers should help fill in gaps in the family tree and follow other lines for the HALL famiy in the 1700's in Hemingford Abbots, and the Setchell family in the late 1700's in Huntingdonshire. In the period I'm interested in, unless a Will is found (unlikely) it seems that outside parish registers the only way to find out about the family at that time will be a check on parish maps (IF they owned land which seems very unlikely), or parish vestry minutes and churchwardens accounts for any sign of the HALL family. Given how small Hemingford Abbots was, this might not be an impossible task.

Hall family in Fenstanton/Hemingford - REQUEST LETTER 4
24 April 2010

I have made a series of queries through the Huntingdonshire County archives, most recently in Feb 2009 (Ref: EB08/135). Based on the responses I’ve formulated a series of requests as I work towards understanding a few family lines in Huntingdonshire.

General queries.
I’m interested in if any graves remain. Could you please check memorial indexes for Fenstanton, Hilton, Hemingford Abbotts and Hemingford Grey for SETCHELL and HALL entries?

My reading at the GENUKI site suggests that marriage records are incomplete for Hemingford Abbots. Can you confirm this is the case?

You have previously checked Hunts marriage indexes for the marriage of Thomas SETCHELL to Catherine ? without any probable hits – they would have married prior to 1796 (first known child). Could you please check Cambs marriage indexes also?

I’ve previously been told that Thomas and Catherine SETCHELL had three children in Hemingford Grey before 1800: Catherine and Susannah (1796) and Jane (1799). I have been advised there was a Mary baptized between 1800-1810 (probably 1805) – could you please check for SETCHELL/SETCHEL/SATCHEL/SATCHELL. I would also like to obtain copies of the marriage of Jane SETCHELL to William BRIARS and Mary SETCHELL to William DAWES.

I would like copies of the Fenstanton burials of Edward HALL (1839), Mary HALL (1820), William HALL (1869) and Charlotte HALL (1850).

I have previously received a list of HALL wills after 1790 in Hunts. Could you advise if there are any prior to 1790?

My HALL family lived in Hemingford Abbots through the 1700’s. Could you please check for any HALL births, deaths or marriages prior to 1700? If none appear, could you confirm any holes in coverage at Hemingford Abbots? IGI shows an entry for a birth of a William HALL in 1692 and I’d like to determine whether this is accurate. The answers to these will help me determine whether William Hall (senior, ?-1761) came from HA or elsewhere. Do 1600’s hearth tax returns show any HALL people in HA or close by?

William Hall’s wife Jane was buried in 1723 at HA. In 1726 a son William was baptized at HA, the mother being given as Mary. You previously reported that the marriage did not take place in HA. I have searched IGI for marriage of any William Hall to Mary from 1723-1727 and found a marriage to a Mary FISHER in 1724 in 1724 at Bluntisham Cum Earith, Hunts. Could you please check this entry to see whether William is noted as being ‘of Hemingford Abbots’ or any other information? If so, please make a copy.

You previously informed me that two sons of William HALL married elsewhere; Thomas married Sarah WARBOYS at St Ives in 1786 and William married Hannah AUSTIN at Huntingdon in 1787. These parish books don’t appear to be available on-line – could you please look into whether it seems these couples had children at their respective parishes?

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