Friday, March 12, 2010

William Hodge the policeman (4)

Another article that mentions William HODGE, again his patrol area is Old South Head Road.

Sydney Morning Herald
Monday 1 Nov 1852

VIOLENT ASSAULT. John Taylor, of the South Head Road, was on Friday taken into custody by police serjeant Hodge, for have committed a violent assault upon his (Taylor's) wife. On Saturday, Taylor was brought before the Bench, when Mrs. Taylor deposed that about noon on Friday her husband ordered her to fetch him a pint of brandy, when she presumed to remonstrate with him, seeing that he was already intoxicated, whereupon he took up a knife that was lying on the table before him, and therewith struck at her face ; she put up her hand to defend her face, caught the blow, and three fingers were cut. Dr. West deposed that he was called upon by the sergeant to attend Mrs. Taylor, and dressed the wounded fingers ; the wound on the little finger was a deep cut ; the others were but cut slightly ; the prisoner was in the house at the time, very drunk and very violent, and ordered him (Dr. West) to leave the house, swearing that whoever sent for him should pay him - at all events, he would not. Committed for trial at the Quarter Sessions, and admitted to bail for his appearance.

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