Sunday, March 7, 2010


Just a brief post... not related to anyone in particular. I'm at a point now where, with a daughter due at the end of May (our first child) I know that time is about to become far more pressing. I have a pretty large collection of records that are in a folder on my desktop titled 'FH To Do' and I'm going to focus for the time being (when I can) on organizing this material and posting it. I usually spend a lot of time searching for new records and items (such as on the NLA Newspapers site which is phenomenal:, however I'm at the point where I feel I've exhausted a lot of these leads. It's time to consolidate and post what I have. I even have updates/edits from people on various posts of mine that I need to go back and correct. So that's what I'll focus on now.

I've also developed an interest in broader projects:
- I'm very interested in the town of Hill End (Trevithick family lived there) and have indexed a memoir referred to previously for the Hill End FHS.
- The murder of Rowland Edwards and surrounding events is an amazing story, and I've gathered a lot of information. I'd like to develop this into a book.
- Hodge/Gutridge - I would like to develop an index of 11th Regiment members from 1800 or so onwards as I have a difficult task in learning more about my GUTRIDGE family. I'm lucky to have learnt what I have.

The posts will continue!

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