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HUXTABLES in Ilfracombe

Way back in my maternal line is a HUXTABLE family. My first BORDER ancestors to come to Australia were James BORDER (1819-1913) and Sophia MASON (born 1819 in Ilfracombe, Devonshire, the daughter of Richard MASON and Agness HUXTABLE, died 1898). They married in 1844 in Ilfracombe, Devonshire. James must have settled in Sophia’s home village of Ilfracombe as they had at least three children born there: Ellen in 1845, Sophia in 1847 and Richard Mason in 1848 (Richard died the following year). It appears they also had a son Richard in Pilton, Devonshire in 1851, who deceased the following year (1852).

Sophia MASON's mother mother, Agnes/Agness HUXTABLE was born in Ilfracombe and baptised in the Parish Church there on 02 Nov 1777. Her parents were recorded as Thomas and Mary. I cannot find the marriage of Thomas HUXTABLE married Mary HUXTABLE in Ilfracombe 04 Mar 1777, suggested the conception preceded the marriage. Parish records capture five more children after Agnes between 1780 and 1792.

While I haven't found the birth of Thomas or Mary HUXTABLE (both circa 1750?), I was sent a list of all HUXTABLE entries from the Ilfracombe Parish register up to1837 (when civil registration kicked in in England, uselss as it is). This may be of use to others.

Huxtable’s in Ilfracombe
(Date format used is dd-mm-yyyy)

Mary bpt 31-10-1814 of John & Ann (mariner)
Sarah bpt 16-04-1815 of Thomas & Susannah (mariner)
Thomas bpt 25-01-1816 of Thomas & Jemima (mariner)
John bpt 27-03-1818 of Thomas & Jemima (mariner)
John bpt 08-02-1819 mother Elizabeth, no father mentioned
Thomas bpt 29-08-1819 of Thomas & Susannah (mariner)
Matilda bpt 12-10-1819 of Thomas & Jemima (mariner)
William bpt 01-08-1820 of William & Eleanor (ship builder)
Sarah Ann bpt 08-07-1821 of Thomas & Jemima (mariner)
John born 11-04-1822 bpt 16-05-1822 of William & Eleanor (ship builder)
Eleanor born 03-11-1823 bpt 01-01-1824 of William & Eleanor (ship builder)
Richard born 27-04-1825 bpt 21-08-1825 of William & Eleanor (ship builder)
John Joseph bpt 27-11-1825 of Thomas & Jemima (mariner)
Thomas greenslade bpt 11-03-1827 of William & Eleanor (ship builder)
Mary Emma bpt 14-10-1827 of Thomas & Jemima (mariner)
Catherine bpt 25-07-1828 of William & Eleanor (ship builder)
Maria bpt 05-01-1829 of Thomas & Jemima (retailer of beer)
James 08-03-1832 of Thomas & Jemima (mariner)
William bpt 05-04-1834 of John & Charlotte (farmer)
Mary bpt 06-07-1834 of William & Eleanor (ship builder)
Arthur bpt 31-07-1836 of William & Eleanor (grocer)
Mary Eliz bpt 17-09-1837 of John & Charlotte (farmer)


John Huxtable to Mary Huxtable 29-12-1760 notes,
Thomas Huxtable to Mary Huxtable 04-03-1777,
Thomas Huxtable to Sarah Norman 21-04-1778,
John Huxtable to Sarah Balmond 13-04-1783,
Joan Huxtable to George Davis 12-04-1784,
William Huxtable to Frances Baker 17-10-1784,
Mary Huxtable to Nicholas Challacombe 02-11-1788 notes,  
Elizabeth Huxtable to Henry White 03-04-1791,  
Ann Huxtable to Robert Smith  12-08-1798 notes,  
John Huxtable to Jenny Scamp 25-06-1804,
Jane Huxtable to George Heddon 16-07-1807 notes,  
Thomas Huxtable to Susan German  26-06-1808 notes,  
Thomas Huxtable to Jemima Huxtable 05-07-1814,  
William Huxtable to Eleanor Greenslade 02-04-1819,  
Mary Huxtable to William Blackmore  10-10-1821,
Elizabeth Huxtable to John Chugg 05-04-1824,
Margaret Huxtable to George Coats  07-04-1825,  
Joan Huxtable to Thomas Smith 01-04-1830,  

John 11-02-1814 age 67
Thomas 24-11-1815 age 60
Mary 01-05-1817 age 54
John 23-01-1821 age 78
Sarah 13-11-1820 age 68
William 04-05-1826 age 65 says Gent
Ann 28-07-1826 age 79 note says Dame
Phillip 03-08-1826 age 61
John 29-10-1826 age 1
Ann 02-10-1829 age 54
Elizabeth 29-12-1830 age 5 months
George 05-11-1831 age 47
Sarah 20-12-1831 age 70
James 06-04-1832 infant age not known
Mary 02-03-1833 age 83
Elizabeth 02-12-1834 age 3 months
Emma 08-06-1837 age 47

Entries in lunatic paupers in Exminster asylum (1845 to 1881)
Ann Huxtable admitted 02-02-1866
William Huxtable, admitted 02-05-1879
James Huxtable admitted 02-07-1880

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Thank you very much for putting this list online. I'm descending from the Huxtable-Greenslade line, and it's been very useful for me. Thanks again! Bernie Hofmann