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More Quinane photos

Following from my previous post, following are more Quinane family photos.

The first two are of Patrick Joseph Quinane (senior) and his wife Julia Ann Hurley nee Quinane.

Patrick Joseph Quinane (1854-1937)
Melbourne, 1915

Julia Ann Quinane nee Hurley (1863-1935)
Melbourne, 1914

Julia Ann ran a grocer store in Fairfield, a suburb of Melbourne. This photo survives from the time, and shows Julia holding her only son Patrick Joseph, with with her four daughters and appropriately named pup 'Tiny' lined up along side. Nell Ryan, at left, is apparently a cousin of Patrick Joseph Quinane (shown above). I particularly like the woman with shopping bags rounding the corner on the far right.

L-R: Nell Ryan, Julia Ann Quinane nee Hurley (1863-1935) with son Patrick Joseph Quinane (1894-1967),
family pup Tiny, and daughters Julia Helen Quinane (1892-1897), Kathleen May Quinane (1891-1975),
Agnes Annie Quinane (1889-1981) and Teresa Mary Quinane (1888-1967)
Fairfield, Melbourne, Victoria, 1894

Next is their son (and my great-grandfather) Patrick Joseph Quinane (junior). Here he is in uniform in early 1915 having joined the 7th Light Horse Regiment in late 1914. He was wounded at Gallipoli during 1915. The photo is signed to his sister, Kathleen, who subsequently became a nun and retained a collection of family photos. It is signed from 'Son', which he was probably called because he had the same name as his father, and was the only son amongst nine children.

Patrick Joseph Quinane (1894-1967)

Sydney, 1915

This next photo was taken in late 1915 or early 1915 after Patrick Joseph Quinane had been wounded in Gallipoli. He lost his eye as a result, and was sent to London to recuperate. The subject at left is unknown. Note the emu feather plume in PJ's slouch hat, worn by members of Light Horse regiments.

L: Unknown, R: Patrick Joseph Quinane (1894-1967)
Taken while on sick leave in London (late 1915 or early 1916)
after having been wounded at Gallipoli

Patrick Joseph Quinane (the junior) returned to Sydney, discharged due to his war wound, and on 07 Dec 1918 married Irene Terese PRIESTLY in Smithfield in Western Sydney. They had five children, four of whom lived to adulthood, and are shown below (including my grandmother Yvonne).

Back: Irene Quinane nee Priestly, Patrick Joseph Quinane
Middle: Fred Quinane, Phillip Quinane
Front: Joan Quinane, Yvonne Quinane
Sans Souci, about 1930

More photos are sure to follow!

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