Tuesday, April 14, 2009

George Bliss Ticket of Leave 1847

Jan Balfor visited the Kingswood State Records and obtained a copy of the 'Ticket of Leave' for George Bliss, number 47/9.

George Bliss Ticket of Leave 1847

The entries can be difficuly to decipher, as it has been over-written.


No. 47/9 4 January 1847

Prisoner's No: 39/867
Name: George Bliss
Ship: Parkfield
Master: Whiteside
Year: 1839
Place of Trial: Kent QS
Date of Trial: 3 January 1839
Sentence: Life

Allowed to remain in the district of Yass on recommendation of the Queanbeyan Bench, Dated Oct 1846.

Overwritte with: Ticket of Leave torn up as Bliss having received a Conditional Pardon No 54/236 Dated 15 April 1854.

As Jan wrote: "the most interesting thing about it is that at the bottom of the document it records that in October 1846 the Queanbeyan Bench decided that George would be allowed to remain in the District of Yass on receiving the Ticket. So now we have documentary evidence that George was in the Yass area prior to 1846."

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Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

One of my chaps also came to Sydney on the Parkfield ship, and in 1845 he got his ticket of leave for Penrith.

Do you have anything else on the Parkfield ship, any docs like medical or whatnot?

I have another document that mentions a George Bliss whom was sentenced to life (my convict William Gambrill also appears on this list), not sure if he is yours, but you can have a copy of this page that is the 'convict register'.