Friday, March 6, 2009

Ewer family in New Windsor, Berkshire

Following from my previous post, thanks to Michael Ewer, I have the entries of everyone with the surname EWER in New Windsor, Berkshire (at least between the dates given). My ancestor Edward's marriage can be seen recorded in 1819.

Parish register entries for EWER in the parish of New Windsor, Berkshire

Christenings from 1559 to 1837
Date - Name, Father and Mother, other notes
28 Aug 1771 - Joseph, son of Joseph and Susanne
14 Jun 1818 - Charles, son of Charles and Sarah, of Frogmore, labourer
16 May 1819 - Henry Thomas, son of Thomas and Lydia, of Thames St, labourer
21 May 1820 - Edward, son of Edward and Mary, of Park St, labourer
18 Jun 1820 - Caroline, daughter of Charles and Sarah, of Park St, labourer
12 Jul 1826 - Frederick, son of Charles and Sarah, of George St
10 Sep 1828 - Harriet, daughter of Charles and Sarah
6 Apr 1831 - Caroline, daughter of Charles and Sarah

Marriages from 1813 to 1837
Date - Husband to Wife, notes
18 Oct 1819 - Edward to Mary Hicks, ex John Brooks index

Burials from 1813 to 1837
Date - Name, Age, notes
29 Apr 1629 - Mary, age not recorded, entered as EUERS
15 Feb 1726 - Elizabeth, age not recorded, entered as EWEN
30 Apr 1812 - Susan, age not recorded, entered as EWER
15 Oct 1819 - Henry, age 6 mths, father Thomas, of Frogmore
12 Nov 1824 - Frederick, age 3 years, father Charles
7 Aug 1825 - Lucy, age 3 weeks, father Thomas, of George St
12 Oct 1828 - Caroline, 8 years, father Charles
24 May 1830 - Harriet, age 1 year, father Charles
17 Jul 1833 - Sarah, age 39 years, of George St
25 Sep 1837 - Joseph, age 46 years, of George St


Teresa Kemp said...

I am researchign Ewer family in Victoria for my husbad;s aunt, Vida Esmore nee Cottle, who turned 100 on 27th Feb just gone. Catherine Ewer married Thomas Cottel in 1861. He was the original settler of Cattles Bridge Victoria. Catherine's parents were Jeremiah Ewer and Matilda Briggs. Do they appear in your tree? I believe they came from Cambridgeshire in the vicinity of Newmarket and Horseheath.
Teresa Kemp

Linda said...

Matt, now I am confused! Is this Edward Ewer, who married Mary Hicks in 1819, the same Edward Ewer who was christened in Clewer, 1796? If not, where does this Edwardfit in to the family?..I'm lost!
I was under the impression that this Edward (son of Thomas Ewer & Jane Compton) came to Australia and married Ann Marie Edwards (daughter of Rowland Edwards & Jane Fletcher) in 1825.

m@ said...

Yes Linda,
The general concensus is that Edward married Mary Hicks - they had a child Edward who died shortly thereafter. We have no idea what happened to Mary Hicks (yet!) after Edward left for Australia. Edward said he was a spinster when he married Ann Edwards, but it's not uncommon to see. Hopefully when we find Edward's appeal in England we'll learn more about this part of his life.