Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire to NSW

Arrivals of people arriving in NSW as assisted immigrants stating Fenstanton as their origin (i.e. generally birthplace). Extracted using indexes and NSW State Archives indexes.

Duke of Roxburgh, 1849
, John 30 Fenstanton (with family)

James Gibb, 1849

GINN, Ann, 27 Fenstanton (with family from Hemingford)
HARRADINE, Charles, 20 Fenstanton
PEDLEY, Henry, 24, Fenstanton
ROLLS, Thomas, 28, Fenstanton
ROLLS, Mary, 24, Fenstanton
ROLLS, Jane, 2, Fenstanton
ROLLS, James Gibbs (named after boat), born on voyage

Boanerges 1857

HALL, Samuel, 40, Fenstanton
Maryann, 40, Isleham
William, 14, Chesterton
Thomas, 9, Barnwell
Arthur, 6, Barnwell

Grand Trianon, 1858
BRICHENS, James, 20, Fenstanton

Switzerland, 1858
BENTLEY, George, 40, Gravely, Cambridge
BENTLEY, Susannah, 37, Milton
BENTLEY, George, 12, Fenstanton
BENTLEY, John, 6, Fendrayton Cambridge
BENTLEY, Jeremiah, 2, Fendrayton Cambridge

Hornet, 1859

CARTER, Sarah, 28, Fenstanton
with husband
CARTER, Isaac, 35, Itchem (Isleham?)

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