Sunday, April 20, 2008

The HALL family in England

My grandfather Jack Hall had a brother named Frank who researched the family history – various versions have floated around. Another of Jack’s brother, Joseph Gerard HALL, wrote an autobiography I was unaware of till I received a copy on Friday. It’ about 50 pages long – in the back he had a copy of probably the final version of Franks history.

From it I’ve pasted here his bios for Edward and William... I have a few little things I can add to it – and will do so at some point to finalise their bios:

Edward Hall was born in Fenstanton, County of Huntingdon, in 1760 and worked there throughout his 79 years as a boot and shoemaker. About 1793 he married Mary ? (1771-1820) and Fenstanton records show their children to be

1. William - baptized 6 Jun 1794 at Fenstantion
2. Hannah - baptized 13 Mar 1796 at Fenstanton
3. Sarah - baptized 10 Jun 1798 at Fenstanton
4. Ann - baptized 6 July 1800 at Fenstanton
5. Mary - baptized 3 Jan 1802 at Fenstanton
6. Charlotte - buried 2 Jul 1803 at Fenstanton

Edward was buried in Fenstanton on 18 Nov 1839 aged 79 years and his wife Mary was buried at Fenstanton on 16 Oct 1820 aged 49 years.

William Hall, the first born to Edward and Mary, was baptized at Fenstanton on 6th July 1794. On 14 Nov 1815 (Mr Tryng's index of Hunts marriages 1754-1837) he married Catherine Setchell at Hemingford Grey (near Fenstanton). Children born to William, showmaker of Fenstanton, and Catherine were

1. Samuel - baptized 4 Sep 1816 at Hemingford Grey
2. Thomas Satchell - baptized 23 Feb 1819 at Hemingford Grey
3. Mary Ann - baptized 14 Oct 1821 at Fenstanton
4. Sarah - baptized 25 May 1823 at Fenstanton
5. Catherine - baptized 18 Dec 1825 at Fenstanton
6. Frances (female) - baptized 12 Apr 1829 at Fenstanton
7. John - baptized 28 Jul 1833 at Fenstanton

William was buried on 18th October 1869 at Fenstanton agde 75 years and Catherine was buried on 11th July 1850 also at Fenstanton, aged 53 years. On 25th Jan 1853 William remarried. Ahed 59, he married Charlotte Warrington aged about 42 at Fenstanton. She was a huckster, i.e. a peddler of fruit and vegetables from Swavesey, near Fenstanton.

In the 1851 census transcript of Fenstanton, William 57 years, Catherine 25 and housekeep and John 19 and shoemaker lived at Chequer St, whereas in the 1861 census William 66 and shoemaker and Charlotte 50 and huckster lived at 155 Union St - a shoemakers shop.

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